20 October, 2014

Short Reviews - Supermen of Malegaon

If you ever want to see the power cinema holds on the people that are involved in it, then Supermen of Malegaon is the documentary for you. It is equally about the love and passion that these film makers and actors have towards the “big screen” and the extents they go to with determination in order to live up to their dreams.

Supermen of Malegaon is a beautiful look at the small town indie-film culture in India. In a country where cinema is the primary mode of entertainment and where people are crazy about films, be it to watch or make them, this documentary takes a light hearted look at a group of passionate folks who just want to make films; films that play out in villages and small cities that are as entertaining as they are relevant to the surrounding regions. While money might be a major hindrance for these amateur cinephiles, it is also the catalyst that ignites their ingenuity as they go about making the most of what they have to present their audience with some spectacular results. It is this very fact that makes these home grown films, which might lack substance, full of heart, hope, and personality.

While the documentary tackles the culture of small time film makers, it is the people who make these films that form the core of this story. These people who try to stay within the bounds of religion, society, and personal beliefs yet continue to explore, experiment, and experience the art of film making for the joy it brings to them and to the people who eventually see their films. Their journey from the initial stages to the completion of the film is in turn both hilarious and heartwarming and their personalities are so grounded that the audience can’t help but root for them to succeed.  

Supermen of Malegaon is a must see documentary for anyone who has the remotest interest in films and especially film making, but also to those that want to see the power of human spirit in action. Sadly it is too short; if only we could stay in the world of these rebel film makers a little longer.     

Rating 4/5

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