15 June, 2014

School of Rock

One of those light-hearted films that can be watched repeatedly and doesn't really age with time, School of Rock hits the mark at all the right places; a comedy that can arguably be one of Jack Black's best performances, excellent music with a children-centric plot-line that appeals to all ages, and a film that is cute and charming even a decade after its release.

As some of you might be aware, I, along with my daughter, have a "Summer Film Club" in progress wherein both of us will try and watch 15 films during her vacations, and School of Rock was the second film we watched in this series. You can watch my daughter's short review of the film in the end.

I'm happy to say that my daughter enjoyed the film as much as I still do. The story of a down-and-out musician posing as a substitute teacher and eventually teaching the children music so they can play in a music competition with him was easy to understand for a six-year-old and while some of the musical jokes and information would have gone over her head, I was happy that she also got an intro into rock music through the film.

Jack Black, playing the main character, does a brilliant job with walking the thin line of being eccentric and over-the-top and with a group of talented young cast supporting him, the film truly shines in all departments. The talent is not only limited to the children who are an integral part of the entire film, but also to actors such as Mike White, Sarah Silverman, and Joan Cusack who truly complete the film by bringing in their own uniqueness to their respective characters.

I further saw School of Rock from a different angle when I had a conversation with my daughter about the film once it ended. As adults, sometimes we take the most basic of actions for granted, so I was happy to see that my daughter noted the various morals that are placed along the entirety of the film; primarily that of doing what you are passionate about but most importantly not lying to the people you love.

School of Rock is a lovely little film that most folks will crave every few years. It is also one of those few films that can be enjoyed with the entire family and then passed down from one generation to another and that is why I give it a 4.5/5 rating.

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