06 May, 2014

#MTOS - Cinematic Experience on 11th May 2014

Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight down to it. You probably know what #MTOS is and if not you can read about it here. Moreover, you can get a little insight on the people behind it here.

Movie Talk On Sunday will be all about Cinematic Experiences on May 11, 2014 starting at sharp 20:00 UK Time wherein after every 10 minute interval a new question will be thrown out at you, gently, to discuss, also gently.

Please do use the hashtag #MTOS when replying to the tweets with relation to the chat. Since many people follow the hashtag, trust me, it is a great way to meet and interact with fellow cinephiles on twitter. Also, do mention the question number you are referring to so everyone knows what you are talking about.  

As for the questions, here they are (Q10, requires you taking a picture so keep that in mind and be prepared);

1. Where do you prefer to watch your films; the comfort of your home or the big screen theatre experience, why? #MTOS

2. Do you/would you go to the movie theater alone or do you prefer going with friends & family? #MTOS

3. Where do you buy your cinema tickets; online, at the counter, or ask someone else to buy for you? #MTOS

4. Munchies; comfort food and drinks while watching a film in a movie theater? #MTOS

5. Things that drive you mad when you're at a cinema theater? #MTOS

6. Have you ever asked for a refund or asked for a film to be stopped due to some technical error, example? #MTOS

7. You notice a couple make out during a film in the cinema. Will you, keep watching the film, or watch them? #MTOS

8. Additions that can be made to cinemas to make them more customer friendly? #MTOS

9. Three films that must, under all circumstances, should be seen on the big screen? #MTOS

10. How many of you collect/keep your cinema ticket stubs and share a picture of your collection if possible? #MTOS

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