12 May, 2014

Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 is a stupid movie. It makes no sense whatsoever and is probably in the running to be the stupidest movie ever along with Krrish 3.

The story of Dhoom 3 is STUPID.
The action in Dhoom 3 is STUPIDER.
The special effects in Dhoom 3 are the STUPIDEST.

The acting in Dhoom 3 is also, you guessed it, STUPID.
The dialogues in Dhoom 3 are STUPIDER.
The Songs in Dhoom 3 are not the STUPIDEST, but because everything else is STUPID, it doesn't help.

If you think I am going to waste any more time on this STUPID movie, writing a detailed and in-depth review, explaining to you why this movie is STUPID, then you too are STUPID.

In case you are wondering, a STUPID movie like Dhoom 3 does deserves a STUPID review like this.

The END.

(On a more serious note, I would just like to inform you that jokes apart, the movie really is STUPID!).


  1. You have simply and aptly presented what I too thought about "Dhoom 3."

    1. Cheers! Glad we are on the same page.

  2. Couldn't have been a more apt movie review.

    Special mention to the slow motion bike moving on a thin rope. Mind blowing-ly stupid.

    1. I thought of that scene initially, but the more I watched the film, the more I realized that it was a trend the makers were followings, trying to be as stupid as possible.

  3. Lol there couldn't have been a better way to describe the film. I still can't understand what impressed Aamir to do this stupid film?

    1. Wasn't it Aamir who didn't do Darr a decade ago because he didn't like how the character played by Sunny Deol ends up being alive in the end when he has been killed. I guess over the years he's given up on logic as well.