18 April, 2014

Locke, Hardy and the Birmingham Premiere

Birmingham, UK played host to the premiere of the latest Steven Knight film Locke starring the talented Tom Hardy on 16th December 2014.  I, along with my good friend Chris Byrne (@Cinematronix) were privileged enough to get last minute tickets thanks to the wonderful Jo Lumani (@JoLumani) and Lisa Smith (@preparedpr).

Those all mighty premiere passes.

Steven Knight and Tom Hardy work the crowds at the red carpet

Other stars that walked the red carpet included Mrs. Danielle O'Hara and Jacqueline Jossa and before you say anything, hey we two underdressed mortals too got a chance to walk the red carpet, be envyd by the crowds on the sidelines, even if it was just to enter the cinema. 

The event was a subtle affair, brilliantly managed, that placed focus primarily on the film, but not without the glamour that every premiere should rightfully have. In attendance was Steven Knight, the director of the film, and of course the one person that had a huge crowed lining up for an hour, Tom Hardy, who gives a power performance playing Ian Locke.

With each seat equipped with popcorn, a pack of Malteasers, and water, the film was initially introduced by the producer, director, and the actor in brief leaving the audience to view it without any preconceived notions. In the film, Tom Hardy, a common construction manager is faced with the toughest decisions of his life as he takes a life changing drive that lasts an hour and half.

The Question and Answer session after the film viewing.

The Screen, the Audience, and the Film Makers.
Following the film, the Steven Knight and Tom Hardy sat down for a question and answer session that provided an insight into their viewpoints and thinking behind the making of the film and I must admit that hearing more about the origins of the story and what the people making it had in mind, not to mention the technical aspects behind the making, definitely makes one appreciate the movie all the more.

Locke will release today, April 18, 2014, and is highly recommended if you enjoy character driven pieces that throws out other diversions to focus primarily on human emotion.

You can read my review of the Locke here

PS: I apologise for the picture quality as this being all last minute I had to make do with my trusted phone camera, not to mention being unable to dress-up for the event. 

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