20 October, 2013

The Michael J. Fox Show (TV)

The title says it all now. I mean who in their right mind cannot just love a Michael J. Fox sitcom, or anything else for that matter with him in it? In fact I’ll go an extra step and say that most people who grew up around the time Back to the Future was released, Michael J. Fox is nothing short of a legend. What the show proves even further is that besides being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease he hasn’t slowed down and is looking great, acting flawlessly, and being a great inspiration for all.

The sitcom is based around Mike Henry, played by Michael J Fox, a newscaster heading back to work after a hiatus and his quirky family that consists of a wife (Betsy Brandt) and three children along with a vibrant supporting cast including Wendell Pierce as Mike's boss, a rival news anchor in Anne Heche's Susan Rodriguez Jones, and Katie Finneran, a friend of the family, each brining their own dynamics that effect the family in both positive and negative ways. 

While the concept of an eccentric family is nothing new, and we have had quite a few such shows over the years, the charm that Fox brings to the entire setup cannot be replicated. There is no doubt that he is the hero, the archetypical dad who doesn’t let a life altering event change his life. In fact that is the one factor about the series, so far, that really stand out; the show incorporates Mike’s disease in a very subtle and respectfully funny way not trying to cash in on it.

Just like any other sitcom there are bound to be episodes that leave you on a high while others that are more dramatic and less comedy. The Michael J. Fox Show might not be laugh-out-loud material, but is does present a delightfully humorous group of people busy tackling parenting, growing up, being a family, and most importantly coming to terms with what life has to offer.


  1. Yet to watch the show, but yes he is awesome, and he is one of the guys who prove that size does not matter. He made his name in the era of Rambos and Terminators purely by his acting skills.