05 October, 2013

The Internship

A recruitment video for Goggle, a way to make everyone hate their jobs and wish they worked at Google, a look at how fun the working environment at Google is; You would think that The Internship is a documentary about the most popular search engine there is, but you would be wrong.

The story of a two down and out old-fashioned salesmen trying their luck at an internship with Google is a film full of clich├ęs. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play characters that mirror a number of their earlier roles. While the scenery might have changed for them, in the end the film is about a team of underdogs rising up to the challenge and in the process discovering that there is more to life than just themselves or work.

What really keeps a film like The Internship together, a film that has very little to give through its predictable storyline, is the comedy. For a change we are spared the gross, over-acted under performed, too loud for its own good, kind of comedy and instead what we get is quick banter and a more subtle form of comedy that may or may not go down well with the modern day internet generation. Although there are a few laugh-out-loud moments, most of the jokes would make you smile at most. The Internship also doesn’t hide away from bestowing us with numerous life lessons throughout the film, and while some of these teachings might make us want to puke, in the end there is a feel good factor to it all.

With a 119 minute running time, The Internship thankfully stays tight, checking off nicely all the necessary trademark characteristics that a film like such would have. Another advantageous side of the film is that it doesn't fret over any one aspect, be it the romance, life lessons, or the miscellaneous internship competitions, too much and keeps things moving ahead at a good speed, never really giving the audience a chance to crib about anything specific.

Where the film lacks in originality it makes up in being the feel good movie of the summer. There is a certain warmth to it all and love it or hate it, you are likely to end up feeling a little lighter at the end of it.

Rating 3.5/5  

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