13 September, 2013

OMG: Oh My God! (Hindi)

Here are 10 reasons that made me say “Oh My God” after the film. It might help if you have seen the film previously.

Oh My God they made another social issue film that is also a mild entertainer. I wish film makers realize that social issues don’t guarantee a good film, and I hope the audience also realizes that just because a film is trying to tackle a social issue it is not automatically a good film, as is the case here. The film which looks at superstitions and religious practices adopted by the common man and how one atheist fights against these beliefs in his own way is flawed on so many levels that it isn’t even funny.

Oh My God could they have made a film that was anymore hypocritical? We have a man here who lives a life that involves cheating people by selling them idols of Gods that are cheap and new as authentic and antic, yet he has a problem when an insurance company refers to destruction caused by “acts of God” as not insured. I’m guessing the next film in the series will be titled Oh My Nature and we will see the same person, fighting against the clause “acts of nature” when his car/bike/scooter is hit by a falling tree branch on a rainy thunderous night. Automotive insurance companies, beware!

Oh My God does this film even have logic. The story and dialogue of the film encourages people to use reason in their everyday lives, yet there is no common sense to anything, including the court proceedings, in the film.

Oh My God, it seems Kishanji , played by the key-ring spinning Akhshay Kumar, has a Batman and Ghostrider complex, or at least are a fan of superhero films because why else would he decide to make his grand entrance in a scene that have been inspired from the above two films?

Oh My God, it seems no one ever reads the fine print and is always ready to blame others for their own mistake. Take me for instance; for not reading the fine print on the cinema ticket that said that once I have seen this film, my money is non-refundable no matter what. I live with that, but Kanji Lal Mehta (Paresh Rawal) thinks it best to blame others for his negligence.

Oh My God the films lacks on so many levels when you consider it just as a movie and not a social commentary. The acting is nothing great, and before you jump up and down and say “Paresh Rawal was brilliant”; yes he was, but it was an act that he has done in countless films with hardly any variation.  

Oh My God this film is so preachy that I wanted to literally slap every person I met who would try and defend everything that was said in the film. The film tells you to use your own brain and not just blindly follow what the film itself preached. As a result Oh My God lacks heart.

Oh My God we live in a world that is neither God loving nor God fearing, so the entire premise of the film lacks credibility. Look around you and tell me if we do any selfless acts in the name of God (or not) or better yet stop from doing selfish acts that may harm others because we fear God. A film that was even lightly realistic would have had more of an impact, rather than one which uses a social cause to try and sell itself.

Oh My God did you see Mithun Charkraborty in the film?
And lastly Oh My God did you just see the makers of the films laughing their way to the bank at our expense? I did.

Rating 2/5      


  1. Having watched this movie, I agree with everything you say. The only solace is that I watched it on TV :-) Its really baffling how movies like these are made and how audacious are the producers and script writers who know that these kind of movie will earn them big bucks.

    The shame is that these movie do and the telling tale is the psyche of Indian populace. No wonder we have such corrupt and rotten politicians ruling this nation and thinking they are the rulers instead of public servant.

    1. I agree. I think these movies just play on people's emotions. Also many find it hard to debate when social issues are being discussed, especially in this case when God is in the picture. I wish everyone would look at such films from the angle of a story and also as a film separately. Thanks