04 August, 2013

Jedi Junkies (Documentary)

Tapping into the craze of Star Wars, Jedi Junkies looks at the lengths people have being going, over the years, to show their love for their favourite movie franchise of all time.

Jedi Junkies looks at the very diverse fandom that Star Wars has around the world by featuring the various ways that fans depict their passion towards the franchise. Taking into account how most fans still remember the first time they saw the film to the impact the latest three instalments have had on a whole new generation, the documentary truly draws the complete picture of film fans, collectors, celebrities, and everyday individuals who would go to extreme lengths in the name of Star Wars.

Mark Edlitz, in the documentary, takes a special look even at the fan films like Chad Vader that have over the years gained popularity through online video channels. From Star Wars themed weddings to New York Jedi - a lightsaber fighting school, to the minute details that collectors look for in action figures, there truly is no end to the limits fans will go to.   

The documentary doesn't leave the psyche of these fans behinds and from time to time has interviews/thoughts of psychologist on why fans behave the way they sometimes do. Moreover, the film doesn't shy away from the relationship constraints that are brought about in the lives of these fans who sometimes reach a whole different level of obsession.

Jedi Junkies is a great look into the world of Star Wars from the viewpoint of the audience and what a film can mean to so many people. Whether it is the person with Star Wars tattoos all over their body, or the Princes Leia meet, or the making of a life size Millennium Falcon, Jedi Junkies is an in-depth look into a craze that has been alive for many years and doesn’t seem to die down.    

...and did I mention Olivia Munn is in the documentary too? Well, if nothing else, that’s reason enough to watch it.

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