14 May, 2013

#MTOS – Film Posters (19th May 2013)

Two years. Yes! That’s how long it has been since me and Rachel started working on our little weekly chat on films. Movie Talk On Sunday is still about two months away from its two year anniversary on 7th August, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of the initiative at any stage. I want to thank the people who have been with us right from the very start. We could never have become the talk of the town had it not been for everyone who promoted our chat over blogs, podcasts, and via tweets. We appreciate you all very much. A special thanks to all the hosts who have kept #MTOS alive and week after week have come up with new topics of discussions covering almost all aspects of films. A humongous thanks to anyone and everyone who has participated in #MTOS on any given Sunday. You are the reason we have grown over the past two years and continue to spread some movie love inside that alternate reality we so lovingly call Twitterverse.

Normally both Rachel and I prefer to stay away from hosting #MTOS. We both feel that we get enough ‘coverage’ being the founders that we really don’t want to take over a hosting spot of another film fan. But, closing in on to two years I personally requested Rachel that we both take two individual spots this session to host. I just felt that it was time we got a chance to play a little with our baby, so to speak.  

For those of you who are new to the concept of a twitter chat or to #MTOS, please click on the following links to find out everything you need to know;

Film Posters have long been a special part of watching movies for me. My college room walls never had any bare spots, much to the dismay of the administration, as they were filled with film cuttings and posters. So, when the time to host came, I decided on Film Posters as my topic of choice. Over time I have written about Film Posters on my blog and you can find the links to those articles below (including the one on my college room);

The questions for #MTOS on Film Posters to be held on Sunday 19th May 2013 are as follows;

1.    Is poster art dying, or do filmmakers still give it the importance it deserves? #MTOS

2.    What characteristics make a good film poster? #MTOS

3.    What do you think about posters that primarily consist of the film’s rating/reviews/award nominations? #MTOS

4.    Minimalistic posters: brilliant, a fad, artistic, or people just being lazy? Discuss. #MTOS

5.    Do you own any posters and/or have them up on your walls? Tell us about them. #MTOS

6.    Why do you think international posters of Hollywood films are so popular & desirable (eg: Polish posters)? #MTOS

7.    Mention/Share some film posters (good or bad) that have stood out in your mind and you always remember them? #MTOS

8.    Have you ever been convinced to watch a film purely due to its poster? Examples if you can remember. #MTOS

9.    Fan made film posters have gained popularity now. Do you feel they are more ‘original’ than the mass produced posters by filmmakers? #MTOS

10. The Good, the Bad, and the outright Ugly, share a few posters that fit in each category. #MTOS.

Thank you and see you on Sunday at 20:00 UK Time (which is 00:30 Monday morning in India)

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