09 March, 2013

The Amazing Mr. Blunden

A delightful children's film that oozes charm and character, The Amazing Mr. Blunden is a forgotten classic that is finally being released on DVD for the newer generation to enjoy and the older ones to cherish.

The Amazing Mr. Blunden is a story about two children, Lucy and Jamie (Lynne Frederick and Garry Miller), who along with their widowed mother Mrs. Allen (Dorothy Alison) are, by an unusual visitor, given the job of care-taking an old and neglected country mansion. The film follows the adventures of the children as they encounter ghosts of prior residents, Sara and Georgie (Rosalyn Landor and Marc Granger), who happen to be children as well, and then embark on a time-traveling journey to put right what had been done wrong a 100 years ago.

Lionel Jeffries directs the film which tackles human emotions of greed and lust with that of friendship and sacrifice, making use of a stellar young cast who give a thoughtful and sincere performance. Diana Dors playing the devilishly cunning and outright evil Mrs. Wickens the housekeeper gives a strong performance that outshines the entire cast. 

Do you think you’d be afraid if you saw…a ghost? These ghosts would appear to you very much like ordinary people… children of your own age, or even an old man, such as myself. – Mr. Blunden

Ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties, that place ‘as got ’em. – Bus Driver

You can be a ghost, but you don’t have to be dead. – Georgie Latimer

I’m not giving it to her because I think it is poison. I am only making sure it isn’t. Why are you pulling a funny face? It’s either Mrs. Wickens or her cat, and that cat never did anyone harm! – Georgie Latimer

The inclusion of supernatural elements in the form of ghosts along with a magic potion that helps time travel mixed with the excitement of adventure, mystery, suspense and some memorable dialogue makes for the film to be an enchanting favorite. Herein also lays the attraction of the film as it skillfully encompasses elements that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

The Amazing Mr. Blunden is reminiscent of films like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Railway Children, or even Mary Poppins which have, in the simplest of manner, educated children about the importance of caring, respecting and not being afraid to do what is right. These films not only have stood the test of time, but they have remained ingrained in the minds of people who once saw them as kids.

The Amazing Mr. Blunden is a funny and enjoyable British family classic that makes for an entertaining watch for all ages. 

Rating 4/5

DVD Information:
Release Date:       11th March 2013
Certificate:          U
Running Time:       99 minutes

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