11 March, 2013

Robot & Frank

Robot & Frank is a charming little film that merges science fiction with family drama focusing on values and the need to belong while trying not to loose a grip on reality.

Frank (Frank Langella), an ageing cat-burglar, is given a Robot (Voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) by his son so as to take care of his daily needs. Soon afterwards Frank discovers a new lease in his life as he recuperates his passion for stealing with the help of his new companion.

Amidst all the subtle hilarity taking place as Robot & Frank get accustomed to each other, the film embraces the themes of family, love, longing, friendship, and most importantly in its own little way celebrates life and the process of growing old.

Frank Langella brilliantly portrays the frustration faced by a man who once had a colorful life, but now struggles to remember the most basic of his memories. Robot on the other hand humanizes a machine as it provides Frank with unconditional companionship. Susan Sarandon's Jennifer and Frank's children (played by Liv Tyler and James Marsden) showcase the importance of friends and family and how their support is an essential part of life during its different stages.

Jake Schreier directs a sensitive topic in a rather joyous and casual manner not over dramatizing the story and keeping all the episodes as light as possible. The use of a magically cheery background score further helps this cause and can't but help leave the audience smiling at the events taking place onscreen.

A gem of a film, Robot & Frank is the first must watch film of 2013 or the last must watch film of 2012, depending on wherever in the world you are.

Rating 4/5 


  1. Good review. I was surprised by this movie. It had more depth to it than I was expecting.

    1. Thanks and I agree. I'm glad they didn't go the slapstick way and took is somewhat seriously with good light humor.

  2. Happy to see you enjoyed it, I did as well. Nice personal story where technology isn't used as something special, just something for a good story.

    1. Thanks Nostra. I totally agree with you. Lovely story.