30 December, 2012

Alex Cross

I'm cross with Alex, for this was my very first Tyler Perry film, and it did not impress me at all.

I'm cross with Alex because although he is a police officer with great psychological and investigative instincts, he never really brings about the thrills in the film which proved to be an average action film with an average action hero.

I'm cross with the people who wrote the script for Alex because it lacks any meat. It's a simple 'psychotic killer on the loose being hunted by the hero' story which has nothing really exceptional about it.

I'm cross with Alex for the rather choppy action scenes, especially the climax.

I'm cross that Alex would rope in someone like Jean Reno for an insubstantial role, one that could have been iconic but comes nowhere close to it. I wonder why Reno did the film in the first place.

I'm not cross at Alex because it does take a few bold steps in the storyline that help make the film more interesting, slightly, but then I am cross at Alex for being a film that is rushed and never explores in-depth what could have been a good psychological thriller.

So, given the chance once again I would certainly cross out the film from my watch list, and would actually recommend that you too cross-out this sub-par action flick.

Rating 1.5/5


  1. Hahaha, nice review. It disappointed me as well, although it did have some cool moments.

  2. Thanks Nostra... and yes maybe a couple of scenes that stood out, but in general very disappointing.