10 September, 2012

Cabin in the Woods with Nostra

The new concept that’s based on the idea of “Dessert Island” and a “Top Ten Films List” combined continues as some of my friends from the Twitterverse have been kind enough to take on the challenge of telling us about 5 movies that they would want with them if they were in a Cabin in the Woods under different scenarios. 
Our next contributor is Nostra,who while traveling to Eastern Europe came across a scenario that put his life in jeapordy...

"You've just rented a Cabin in the Woods with a male friend while on a backpacking trip in Eastern Europe. On your first night you meet two beautiful women who want to show you the "real" country. You instantly remember the film Hostel. Not knowing what they really want you now have one night and 5 films to convince these girls to like you so they don't take you to a torture chamber. What five films would you want to watch?"

Well, firstly they must have drugged me, because I can't remember ever seeing Hostel. Since my friend keeps reminding me about this movie I quickly read the synopsis on IMDB and switch to survival mode. How would I manage them to like us? It's important to show them the beauty of life and love.

I think the perfect movie to quickly show that would be the documentary Life in a DayThis is a documentary that was made by Ridley Scott, Kevin MacDonald and Joe Walker who asked people around the world to upload footage, all shot during the same day. They got a lot of footage and managed to edit it into this movie which celebrates life around the world.

Now if that didn't win them over (maybe they don't like documentaries) I will have to use another "weapon" to break through and what better way than laughter. So I'd have to pick one of the best comedies out there. For a moment I think about Groundhog Day, but since that might not be funny enough I will pick Dumb and Dumber instead. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels managed to breathe life into these two stupid guys in a way you'll never forget. I'm sure there will be scenes in this movie that will make them laugh. My personal favorite being the one with the ketchup and mustard bottles.

Singin' in the Rain - They might be in a happier mood now and to keep that vibe going I'd choose this vibrant musical. If they still have grim thoughts, all the colors, dancing and songs like Make 'em Laugh, Singin' in the Rain might wash a lot of that away.

Once - A romantic movie with great music which they might be able to relate to as one of the main characters comes from Eastern Europe. If they have a piano I could tell them I can kind of play "Falling Slowly" (even though it might not be very good yet they could be impressed).

Before Sunrise - This would be the last movie I would show and I thought this one through. First of all it is a romantic movie and if the previous movie already opened a little door to compassion this will open it further. The story of two strangers meeting in a train and spending the night in Vienna can't leave you cold. When this movie finishes they will wonder what happened after this and I could tell them that there is another movie where you will find out (and that a new one has been shot and will come out soon).

In case all this wouldn't work I'd convince them to watch a sixth movie and I'd just pick a really long movie, hope they'd fall asleep and we will get out of there as quickly as possible.

Nostra runs the My Filmviews blog with reviews for new and old movies, weekly features (The Monday Question and The Many Faces of...) and he's always open to talk movies on Twitter here.

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  1. Like all the Jim carrey movies, especially Dumb and Dumber, it is one of the funniest movies