11 August, 2012

Cabin in the Woods with Lesya

It’s time for some movie fun. It’s a new concept that’s based on the idea of “Dessert Island” and a “Top Ten Films List” combined. Some of my friends from the Twitterverse have been kind enough to take on the challenge of telling us about 5 movies that they would want with them if they were in a Cabin in the Woods under different scenarios. Someone is snowed in while another is confined to the cabin as a toxic gas is leaked around them. Would you want to scare the people you are with or maybe get comfy with your better half with your choice of films? 
Next up is Lesya who was given the following scenario...

"You and a friend have rented a Cabin in the Woods in a foreign country. Although the brochure said that it was close to civilization, when you get there you realize it is in a secluded place and an hour away from any human being. Which 5 films would you want to have with you and why?"
If it was me alone, renting that Cabin in the Woods, I would probably take five most favorite films that are in my all time top list. Thus, a friend drastically changes the order of things, meaning the choice of movies. I will imagine that I rent the cabin with my best friend, whose film tastes I know and sometimes share.

Going on a vacation with a friend equals fun. However, going on a vacation with a friend to some secluded place ruins it all. Once again, if I was on my own, being in an oasis of isolation would be paradise for me, for instance, for the sake of writing. Anyway, the best films that my friend and I enjoyed together are mostly the fun ones that would perhaps restore our faith in the world and here they are.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)Or maybe the trilogy in the boxset. But not to break the rules, the very first film. The thing is that both my friend and I were major fans of the franchise in high school and I think that it was one of the key things that bonded us at the time. We were crazy about the franchise and we literally scared shop assistants that sold the film related merchandize and magazines that featured either Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swann or Will Turner because we were so excited! For me this film has even more significant meaning, but even without that, it's just my favorite film from that high school youth and I'm very happy that I shared the love to it with my best friend. Besides, the movie is fun and dynamic and would be a great entertainment in the Cabin in the Woods.
Inception (2010)My friend is a huge fan of Chris Nolan, like I am, but unfortunately, she couldn't fully enjoy this offering from the director, that's why I find the idea of making her re-visit it and maybe like it more a very good one. Moreover, it would be another chance to explore this amazingly complicated and infinitely captivating feature.
The Hangover (2009)My friend and I love this film! We haven't seen it together, but we did go to view its sequel. Anyway, The Hangover is a perfect choice for movie watching in the Cabin. Firstly, it's about people, um, taking a rest (technically, it's a bachelor party that doesn't apply to our situation, but still it's akin to a vacation). And secondly, this hilarious comedy would transport us from our sad isolated place to the world of splitting our sides with laughter.
The Big Sleep (1946)I watched this film. My friend watched this film. I was totally confused. My friend was totally confused. The movie is terribly baffling and complicated, but re-watching it is always postponed, since there are those films that you haven't seen or you don't want to twist your brain right now or something else. Being locked up in the Cabin in the middle of nowhere, we'd have nothing else to do but to arm ourselves with paper and pencils to draw tangled schemes of what character A, B, C… did and how it influences the plot. I think this time we'd know everything about the story.
Some Like It Hot (1959)And to finish our movie watching vacation, I'd pick another classic, Billy Wilder's masterpiece. Mind you, my friend enjoys classic films, so I don't think that having two of classic ones in our suitcases would bore us. Some Like It Hot is a work of a genius. Personally, I have seen it hundreds of times and it never stops to amuse me. I believe that this film is the comedy of all times, at least for me. I have no idea how it was possible to create such brilliance. This film would properly crown out vacation and we'd go home with smiles on our faces, even though we had got in the back of beyond instead of our much longed-for civilized place for rest.
Lesya loves films to bits, praising the art at Eternity of Dream, and she aspires for a moment when she can call herself a writer. You can also follow Lesya on Twitter, as @love_cinema.
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  1. With this scenario I can't think of any better film than Some Like It Hot...great choice!