04 August, 2012

Cabin in the Woods with Brittani Burnham

It’s time for some movie fun. It’s a new concept that’s based on the idea of “Dessert Island” and a “Top Ten Films List” combined. Some of my friends from the Twitterverse have been kind enough to take on the challenge of telling us about 5 movies that they would want with them if they were in a Cabin in the Woods under different scenarios. Someone is snowed in while another is confined to the cabin as a toxic gas is leaked around them. Would you want to scare the people you are with or maybe get comfy with your better half with your choice of films? 
Our fourth contributor is Brittani Burnham, who had to choose her films based on the following scenario...

"The family owned Cabin in the Woods is your favourite place for solitude. Having been through 6 months of an extensive work schedule and a recent break-up you head there to be by yourself. Which 5 movies will you want with you to watch?"
The first movie I would bring is American Beauty. Not only is it my favorite movie of all time, but after a stressful time at work, what better than to watch a film where the lead threatens to blackmail his boss and quits his job. He just wants "the least amount of responsibility possible." I can dig that.

The 2nd would be Office Space. Again, for the satisfaction of what people who hate their jobs take action.

My next film would be Mean Girls. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of chick flicks or sappy love movies. If I wanted something to cheer me up after a nasty break up, I'd want to watch Mean Girls. With all the great lines, ("You Go Glenn Coco.") and the realistic bitchiness, it's exactly what I would need to get out of a funk.

My 4th would be Brokeback Mountain. Even though my relationship crumbled, I still would want proof that they be beautiful, even in hard times. There is no happy ending, but Brokeback Mountain is still the best love story of all time, in my opinion.

My final film would be Precious. Since my other four films are geared towards the recovery process of a stressful time, this would serve as a trigger to just cry it out. Sometimes that helps when your alone, and at the moment, I cannot think of a sadder film (that I enjoyed) more than Precious. The simple line: "Your baby loves you. I love you!" is so powerful I could almost tear up right now.

Brittani is a film enthusiast and writes about films on her blog http://ramblingfilm.blogspot.com. She can also be found on twitter with the handle @ramblingfilm. 

If you would like to participate and would like me to send you a unique scenario, simply Email Me 


  1. Thanks Brittani for the excellent post. I love it how you gave it all your thought and selected the films that would work with your state of mind as per the scenario. I'd agree with all the films except Brokeback Mountain because although it was visually scenic I found it too be a bit boring. Maybe if I ever rewatch it at home I might change my mind, but let's see.

  2. Really like the choices based on the scenario. What a fun feature Raghav! :)

    ...that reminds me, I still need to see Precious.

    1. Thanks Dan... there is one every Saturday for the next two weeks at least and hopefully more.