13 July, 2012

Posters - The New Wave

The Hobbit poster which is rightly called a "tapestry" - simply beautiful!
I have always found posters to be fascinating. As much as I love films, I have always craved after those brilliant fan made minimalistic posters or in some cases the originals of the classics. Let's face it, posters have once again, with the ease of internet, become a top priority for film makers in their marketing campaign. These images on paper are the perfect teasers to any film. Placing a poster of a film on a webpage or as an advertisement is the first step taken by most to get news about the film to the masses. Moreover, it is the poster design that also acts as the first impression for the audience. Make a good and intriguing poster and there is a higher likelihood that a person will click on the link. Obviously, posters at movie theatres are as popular as ever. 

I do feel that Hollywood went through a period in the 90s and early 2000s when posters were not given that much importance. Part of it could be because 90s was when home viewing was at a high and thus there was no such need. Surprisingly, the VHS covers from this time have become quite collectable now due to certain nostalgia associated to them. Also, internet was not as accessible as now, so for a poster design to spread like a virus, it had to be something really really special. 

That has changed over the last few years. More and more film-makers are paying attention to posters and coming up with unique and individualistic designs. A number of times competitions are being held by studios to let the audience design posters for an upcoming movie in what is a perfect marketing and design technique. The popularity of fan made posters (once again, especially the minimalistic ones) probably has something to do with this also. Now, be it a fan made poster or an "original", if it's good then it will be tweeted/ReTweeted or Liked on the internet within minutes.

So, I just wanted to share a few posters of movies that are about to be released that have impressed me for different reasons. They might not have the same "cool" and "hip" factor as the minimalistic ones or even the hard to find Polish movie posters, they are still a positive step towards giving poster design a certain art credibility they so rightly deserve.  

The poster of OZ: The Great & Powerful has a rather fairytale look to it,
but I like how it has a somewhat dark feel to it. 

Very 80s and it should be considering most of the actions stars in the
film are from that era.

The poster would make more sense once you have seen the film,
still it says and shows everything you really need to know. 

It's not the best poster around, still interesting as the skull is
made up of VHS tapes.

A teaser poster that just looks amazing.
Even comes close to be being minimalistic. 

Love the old-fashioned style and the crease as if the
poster was folded. Very Tim Burtonesq. 

I do not know anything about the film, but thankfully the poster design
caught my eye before the star of the film. I'm all intrigued now. 

Sign of a big blockbuster film this poster is. Hotly anticipated
the poster provides just the right dose of excitement.

I like this poster because all you have to do is look at the poster and
you have a fairly good idea what the movie will be about.

Probably my favourite TDKR poster, after that of Catwoman for obvious reasons.
Along with the Hobbit tapestry, this has to be my favourite poster in a long long time. 


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