14 April, 2012

Blood Out

Cardboard acting by almost everyone, lack of good action, a couple of washed out stars from the past that fail to make any impact, a predictable storyline, and a film that tries to be cultist, but fails miserably.

Blood Out has an independent feel to it. It definitely isn't one of the stylized Hollywood films even though it has Val Kilmer, Vinnie Jones, and 50 Cents making cameos. The story is the age old revenge tale of a cop brother (Luke Goss) infiltrating a "gang" to avenge the wrongful death of his younger mischievous sibling. The film could have gone dark; it had the potential to play with some hard emotions and human nature, but unfortunately stays on the safe path wherein the good guy remains good till the very end.

I'm not quite sure how to place Blood Out. It has a cult feel to it, but lacks anything that would make it into a cult classic. It hardly has any memorable dialogue that the audience might want to repeat except for maybe the cheesy "Blood In, Blood Out" said a couple of times. To be honest besides cheesy it just sounds stupid. The film is an action film, but again the fights are depressing. The drama is just too clich├ęd.

The sad part about Blood Out is that it even narrowly misses the "So Bad, It's Good" tag. It's a forgetful film. A film that you need to think twice before you watch it, even if it is being shown for free.

Rating 2/5

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