13 March, 2012

My Collection 10 - James Thompson

The Collection 10 series continues with James from Kent, UK.

Those who are new, the aim of the series is for people to take 10 DVDs from their collection at home, photograph them, and write a line or two about them. They do not have to be favourites, but just movies that have a story behind them. You might like them, hate them, or till now didn’t even know you had them, it is all about letting everyone know a little about your likes and dislikes.

1. Donnie Darko - My favourite film of all time had to be the first I mentioned. I actually own 3 copies of the film, the original, this, the director's cut 2 disc edition, and the blu ray containing both versions. When it comes to your favourite ever film, having multiple copies of the movie proves how much of a fan you truly are.

2. xXx - It may not be the best film in the world, far from it, but xXx is purely on my list due to the fact it was the first DVD I ever bought. Having never seen it before purchase, I have the excuse that I was only 13 years old when the film came to my attention. That said, i could still stick the film on today and enjoy it to a certain extent.

3. Sin City - I love Sin City. It's one of the most stylish films ever made in my opinion and boasts such an incredible cast it's hard to ignore. It was also the first steelbook DVD I ever purchased and for that I had to put it on my top 10 list.

4. Drive - If there's one DVD or Blu Ray of recent times that MUST be in the collection it has to be Drive. Oozing coolness and one of those films I could put on again and again it must be stated that a film collection would be lacking something huge if Drive was not in it.

5. Anchorman / Wake Up Ron Burgundy - Any fan of Will Ferrell will likely say that Anchorman is his best film and by far the most quotable comedy perhaps of all time. I admit to being a huge fanboy when it comes to Ron Burgundy and when this boxset was released I was first in line to buy it. A huge must for fans of the film, after all it's more doses of the Channel 4 News team!!

6. Casino Royale - As one of my favourite James Bond films and the first blu ray I bought, Casino Royale is a blu ray I am glad to have in my collection. It looks amazing in high definition and the special features are masterful. If you're a fan of Bond this is the only version of the film to have in my opinion.

7. Nick Frost's Danger 50,000 Volts - This DVD is worth it's weight in gold purely for the special added extra of 'Danger 50,000 Zombies', the Nick Frost and Simon Pegg edition advising you how to survive a zombie attack. This is the Pegg-Frost pairing at its most hilarious and a real treat.

8. The Host - There are some foreign language gems out there and my personal favourite has to be South Korea's The Host. Bringing to screen a highly entertaining monster movie that doesn't fall at the hurdles through clich├ęs and poor acting, The Host is a worthy film in any DVD collection.

9. The Tom Hanks Collection - As one of my favourite actors of all time, a boxset containing Tom Hanks' best and well-love films was a necessity in the DVD collection. Who can argue against a set including the likes of Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can, Castaway, The Terminal and Forrest Gump!

10. When asked to delve through my film collection to bring my favourites I noticed one title that caught me in a moment of disbelief. So much so that I had to put it in the list, despite being an eternity away from one of my favourites. In fact, it's the worst DVD I possess; that's right, White Chicks. I don't think it needs a particular explanation but I'm sure many of you will agree this film is awful. Enough said!

Thank you James for taking out the time to do the post for Ticker Talks Film.  You can view James' blog at www.fanaticalfilm.blogspot.com and follow him on Twitter @thommoj03

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