22 January, 2012

This Is It (Documentary)

If you grew up listening to Michael Jackson as a child, This Is It is the perfect documentary for you. Unlike other stories and documentaries on Michael, this one is simply about his music, particularly practice sessions of what would have been his comeback tour had it not been for his untimely death.

This Is It is about the music. It's about one man's life long passion for music. Completely ignoring any controversy, or debates, the documentary simply looks at Michael Jackson on stage, preparing for his comeback, interacting with the tour director, immersing himself into the music, and doing what he does best, make music. The documentary gives us a glimpse into the musical legend that he was.

There is a scene that stands out for me in the documentary. While practicing, there is a solo by one of the guitarists. She misses a note and stops. Michael simply reassures her and tells her that this is her moment, her moment to shine, and that everyone, including him, is here to support her. There’s no ego, just pure love for music and musicians.

Covering quite a few of his classics, the documentary was a walk down memory lane. It is also a testament that with time and age Michael never lost his voice, his dance moves, and still had amazing stamina. It is also meant for the fans. Someone who has never been aware of the craze that Thriller, or Bad, or Black or White caused, it might be hard to appreciate the documentary.  

This Is It is a great homage to the musical legend that is Michael Jackson. An individual who has inspired generations with his musical and dancing skills. Although, part of his life has been enveloped in controversy, but, This Is It looks beyond everything... It's simply about passion, passion for music.

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