01 January, 2012

Super 8

If you've grown up watching films like ET, The Goonies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the likes then there is a good chance you will enjoy Super 8 because of the nostalgia it is likely to bring out in you.

Set in the 1970s the film follows a bunch of kids who while making a movie (on a Super 8 camera) during their summer break, witness a train crash and eventually end up running from the military and an unknown entity in their sleepy little town. Part action, part children, and part monster movie, the film is edge of the seat entertainment with some brilliant acting from the younger cast members especially Elle Fanning.

Super 8 has some tremendous backing with Spielberg as the producer and JJ Abrams directing, but the story is pretty simple and at times I did feel that certain elements were rather clich├ęd and did not add much to the story. Nevertheless, the initial suspense and then the trills make up for whatever the story falls short on. The biggest problem I had with Super 8 was the ending. A tad abrupt and hugely anti-climatic, the film could have done with a much stronger and grander ending.

Everything else aside, Super 8 is back to the basics family entertainment reminiscent of past films that glorify the importance of friendship, family, forgiveness, and lastly the right to live freely.

Having finally seen the film, I could understand if the newer generation doesn’t like it as much, but then I’m part of the older generation that grew up on movies like Adventures in Babysitting and as a result thoroughly enjoyed Super 8.

A 4 out of 5 star rating.       


  1. I loved Super 8. I guess I'm technically part of the newer generation, but I'm also a massive fan of Close Encounters and old school Spielberg so maybe my view is a bit skewed :)

  2. As someone who did grow up on all the films you mentioned but is from the "new generation", I loved this film. Such an expertly crafted ode to Spielberg films. I know there are flaws in the film, but it is so easy to overlook them (at least from my perspective) if you are having as much fun with this film as I did.

  3. I didn't grow up Spielberg cult but I did enjoy this film, a simple plot but is executed gracefully.

  4. I agree matey, there is a heavy dose of nostalgia that goes with this film, but it is EXCELLENT none the less

    Happy 2012

  5. Hello,I must clarify that with the "older generation" I meant people 25+ish.

    Ruth, Ryan, Scot, Magic - I think you all are correct. The movie has a certain feel to it and some people just like it. But, most often than not these are the same people who have seen and appreciated movies like ET, Stand by Me, etc.

    Thanks for the comments