06 January, 2012

My Collection 10 by Rachel Horn

A brand new series and who better to start it with than my #MTOS Partner-in-Crime Rachel Horn from United Kingdom.

The aim of the series is for people to take 10 DVDs from their collection at home, photograph them, and write a line or two about them. They do not have to be favourites, but just movies that have a story behind them. You might like them, hate them, or till now didn’t even know you had them; it is all about letting everyone know a little about your likes and dislikes. 

Harvard Man
The year was 1999, I was 19 years old, and I went to the cinema to watch Drive Me Crazy with Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier. It was love at first sight. I had found my ideal man and I still love him to this day, but back then I bought everything I could with him. Harvard Man is a terrible movie, but it is a guilty pleasure because of him.

13 Going on 30
This is one film I can watch again and again. Jennifer Garner is my female crush and I love her, but this film is awesome too. I love that she plays a silly part so different from her awesome Sydney character. 

Blue Crush
I lived in Turkey for a few years and when I came back I worked at a surf shop for 7 years and wearing Boardys and flip-flops for work was awesome. During my time there Blue Crush came out and we went to a special screening together and we all loved the film so much and played the soundtrack a billion times a day at work. It makes me think of really happy memories.   

24 is the best show ever. I LOVE Jack Bauer. I was in labour with my first child and I wouldn’t go to the hospital until I had watched the new episode on SkyOne.  

Band of Brothers
What can be said about Band of Brothers? It is a brilliant mini-series. The actors are all amazing and this really drew me in. I was thinking about it weeks after watching it. If this was a 10 hour movie, this would be my favourite movie.

James Bond
James Bond makes me think of my childhood watching it with my Dad. Even though I own all the DVDs, I always watch them when they are on TV. My favourite Bond is Roger Moore.

Police Academy
Another childhood favourite, I had most of them on VHS. The best ones are with Mahoney in them though. 

Super Troopers
This is such a funny film and takes me back about 7 years when my best friend was living here from Canada and with her husband they lived with other students, and we would all quote the movie all night and watch it again and again. Great film. 

The Goonies
I don’t think there is a person on Twitter that doesn’t know my favourite childhood film is The Goonies. My VHS tape was nearly worn out when I was a kid.

Lord of the Rings
This is my favourite film ever. I remember hating my friends for making me go and watch it, but I came out and was like WOW! Then I did my normal obsession thing and went mental buying loads of memorabilia, stamps, coins, glass necklaces, rings, etc.

Thank you Rachel for taking out the time to do the post for Ticker Talks Film. Rachel can be contacted on Twitter via @askimrach. If you would like to share your Collection 10, please get in touch with me via Twitter (@raghavmodi)


  1. Oh my god, Super Troopers, haven't seen that for years. I actually love this film, silly but very, very funny!!!!!

  2. HAHA I am with Mark, the highlight of the list for me is Super Troopers. I lLOVED that film.

    Nice collection of DVDs Rachel

  3. Mark, Scott - Would love to find out about some of the hidden childhood gems from your collections. I have to say I haven't seen Super Troopers but I guess I shall look it up now.

  4. Awesome post! Loved the movie selection Rach!

    I think the highlight for me was reading the Blue Crush story. Loved that it had a personal resonance with a time in your life. Was really interesting reading it.

    @RaghavModi Thanks for the great post!