16 January, 2012

The Artist

James J Lee is my very first guest reviewer and I'm really glad about it. James seemed simply ecstatic about the movie and his enthusiasm has put The Artist on the top of my must watch list. His review follows;

Like Someone Has Just Uncovered A Lost Masterpiece

It may have been a cold night in Leicester Square tonight but I left the cinema with a glow, my faith completely restored in cinema having just seen this heartwarming classic.

There's little point going through the deeply romantic/dramatic plot set in stark contrast against the shallow world of 1920's Hollywood as it may only spoil it for those yet to see, but in summary this film is a real gem, a true joy to behold with a clever little unpredictable twist at the end. Fabulous acting, superb score, great cinematography and look out for a star turn from a little performing dog which is quite amazing at times.

With lots of classic touches woven throughout this movie, expect to laugh out loud, cry real tears and go through a roller-coaster of emotions as you will no doubt watch in fascination, the vivid recreation of an exceptional time in the history of cinema (the advent of talkies)and the history of the America (Wall St Crash/Great Depression).

Though it is a silent film, sound is used in a very clever way. Similarly the director meshes subtle modern cinema techniques with some classic framing and detail. This is a glorious mixture of the old and the new and has great balance between light comedy/entertainment and dark and intense emotions. The result being interesting characters that engage on many levels.

It's worth mentioning the nods to some of cinema's all time classic films like Singing in the Rain, Sunset Boulevard and Citizen Kane(and several Chaplin classics) but it's not plagiarism, parody or irreverence - it's a beautiful pastiche of the cinema's finest. Watching The Artist, feels like someone was clearing out an old Hollywood Studio and stumbled upon one of the greatest silents (if not films) of them all and suddenly the lost masterpiece is revealed to the world.

Emerging from the Cinema and into the crisp night air of Leicester Square, my thoughts were on one thing...how many Oscars will this instant classic win come February? It will certainly take something very special to beat it in most categories.

A big thank you to all who were involved in this magnificent production, a truly wonderful film, delivering a great cinematic experience.

James is a film buff, budding screenwriter and film reviewer. He love the oldies especially comedy, film noir and crime/thriller. In his student days, he did make some short films and was an extra in a mainstream which was good experience to learn how the process works. In 2012, his resolution is to watch more movies, submit more scripts and come up with more ideas to entertain before he goes to that big cinema in the sky! 

The review of The Artist by James is also available on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1655442/reviews-106


  1. I am so happy that you liked it as much as I did James. I was completely charmed from start to finish!!

  2. Hi Scott it was great and completely flawless. Can't wait to add it to the DVD collection. One of the best for many a year.