05 November, 2011

Superheroes (Documentary)

Superheroes is a documentary by Mike Barnett that is not only well timed, but tackles a rather serious issue for the society.

The documentary is a look inside the lives of common men and women who dress up as superheroes and walk their neighborhood streets protecting the public. Armed with basic "legal" weapons and self trained, these men and women are somewhat minor-celebrities, but to them they are simply guardians of everything that is good.

In a world where crime sees no end and no place is safe, do we need these vigilante citizens protecting us? Why not? The police is always short on personnel and if a group of people were to come together to simply keep a watch, what's wrong in that?

The problem I believe lies in the fact that these individuals dress up and call themselves names like Mr. Xtreme and Zimmer. Does it make them look and sound less serious? Maybe. I liked the innocent honesty that comes out when these individuals talk about their lives. They don't boast about their conquests or lie about a glitzy lifestyle. Instead almost all of them have a single goal, that to protect the innocent in a way they deem best.

Unsurprisingly, most of the "superheroes" are heavily influenced by comic books and maybe it's their way of mixing in some fun with doing something right, but it does raise issues of safety when one of the superheroes explains that he needs a can of beer in-between his patrols to stay fresh.

I do however like the attitude of the police towards these individuals. Rather than mocking or dissuading them, the police keeps a close watch on them and constantly advice them to stay clear of any real danger.

Superheroes comes at a time when movies like Kick-Ass and Super, that deal with similar issues, have been hitting the theaters. The documentary is a look at real life and that puts it a step above the other films. Although it might be hard to take these homemade superheroes seriously at first, but once the audience realizes that all they want is what's good for the society, it is bound to appreciate and admire what they do.

The tone of the documentary is very subtle. It does not glamorize the superheroes, nor does it take a side, leaving it up to the audience to make a judgment on the individuals. A very good and thoughtful documentary that is an entertaining watch. A 4/5 Star rating.


  1. I am glad you liked this one Raghav.

    I really enjoyed it, I think you have read my review. A really sweet look at the crazy society we live in today...

    Great write up my mate

  2. Hi Scott, yes I did read yours and someone else's as well, and that got me really interested in the film. I agree that believe what you might about the people, the documentary and the "superheroes" do have a heart... And a good one. Thanks

  3. I wasn't interested in this at first, but it's gradually beginning to grab my attention. Will probably rent it when it comes out.

  4. Hi Tyler, I was thinking exactly like you as well. I figured it would be more a joke rather than a serious look, but it's a nice honest look at the people.