13 November, 2011

Immortals 3D

It's pretty in parts, but comes nowhere close to the beauty of The Fall. It's bloody, but you just cannot compare it to 300. It's seeped in Greek mythology, but I would still prefer Troy over the Immortals.

The "story" of Theseus, Immortals has more that needs covering up than it can brag about. The characters, almost all of them, lack passion. It seems the makers thought that the fancy headgear that most characters wear would cover up their acting talents, but unfortunately that too doesn't help. The story itself is too shallow, almost like a masala Indian film from the 80s.

The latest trend in movies seems to be that films should end in a way so that if necessary a sequel can be made to cash in on the success. The Immortals not only falls in the same category, but also is a perfect example of a film that tries to put style over substance.

Now, normally I do not talk about actors individually, but in this case I must;

Take, Mickey Rourke. In SinCity and The Fighter he made a stand-up-and-pay-attention comeback. Then with Iron Man 2 he sort of went into familiar territory. But, my fear is that with him doing almost a similar role in the Immortals, he is making the same mistakes and just getting himself typecast again.

Frieda Pinto. I have to be honest and tell you that I'm so glad Hollywood decided to adopt her. In my book she remains one of the most overrated actresses and honestly I could not tolerate seeing her in Indian films. So, thank you Mr. Danny Boyle and Mr. Woody Allen for keeping her on the other side of the planet. 

Lastly, Henry Cavill in the role of Theseus was fairly good, although could have been better, but still I do not see him as the next Superman. There is a certain oddity about him that I can't put my finger on.

I could probably go on for a bit about the negative aspects of the movie... and I will. Why was Stephen Dorff not given a meatier role? Why at times the movie tries to be like 300, but the action sequences just don't match up. Why-o-Why did the cinema theater only have it in 3D when they should be aware I so despise watching films in 3D (and yet I fall down in-front of the system and pay extra to watch movies that would have been equally good in 2D). 

On the positive side, the final battle scene does look good. It's still nowhere close to the other realistic and visually stunning battle scenes from films like Troy or 300, but nevertheless it was exciting. What I do not understand is when will the whole having a fight scene with intermittent slow motion shots get old? Okay, I do still find it cool and maybe it's because of people like me that filmmakers still use this, but it is getting outdated. We've had this is in so many movies that eventually there will come a point when people will just not respond to it. Maybe till then we let the filmmakers milk the special effects cow?

Shallow, mostly unimpressive, boring, and without any real substance versus a few cool fight sequences. That'll be a disappointing 2/5 star rating for me.  


  1. Seems like a waste of time.

    But the slow-mo shots is kind of cool.(DISCLAIMER: I haven't watch the film but I'm imagining the slow-mo shots). Besides, almost all love story is the same and people still respond to it. Classic shots such as medium shots, long shots, close-up, and extreme close-up still gets an audience. Slow-mo motion, as for me, per se is not a fault. Maybe it was the execution.

  2. I haven't seen this film but I have little, no, i have no interest in it. And your review Raghav seems to confirm it.

    I saw an extended section this summer at BIG SCREEN and I lost all love for it then.

    I hate that damn slow mo fighting

  3. If you don't like the slow-mo fighting, then I would suggest that yes stay clear of the film. I personally liked the last 20 minutes, but half of that is slow-mo fighting. Thanks

  4. Magic - It's not really a love story, more a revenge one, but just in totality the movie lacked everything. Slow Mo can be good but excessive use makes me yawn, but yeah it was a bit of fun with heads being bashed and seeing the blood in 3D... Cinematically fun, I'm not a psycho.