28 November, 2011


Competition Closed

WINNER - Chris Mason @grumpyduckuk

Thank you all for participating. Till next time, best of luck in everything you do.

Finally it has happened. My little blog that I started a year back is holding its very first competition and I have none other than the wonderful people of Last Exit To Nowhere to thank for this.

There is a pretty good chance that you have either heard of Last Exit To Nowhere or have at least knowingly or unknowingly come across one of their film inspired t-shirts. They have been in the business since 2007 and have been a benchmark in this industry stamping Tees, Caps, Hoodies, and Posters with some of their original film based designs.

I do have to confess that the one thing that has always "pulled" me towards them is their company name. Last Exit To Nowhere is such a filmy name and one that is extremely intriguing and very mysterious at the same time. Considering the business they are in, it suits them beautifully.

I have often found myself just flicking through their website looking at the designs they have on display and I must confess that it really is a fun pass time that can be hard on the wallet too.

For a change I decided to share with you some of my favorite designs from the Last Exit To Nowhere collection and why they are special to me;

The one scene that has lingered in my mind ever since I saw The Usual Suspects is the falling of the tea cup towards the end as the camera fixates on the company name, "Kobayashi", and since the movie remained my favorite for almost a decade, I obviously love this design.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is special for most Indians, especially my age, because it featured Amrish Puri as the evil "heart pulling" Mola Ram. Most Indians who were raised during the 80s and 90s know him rather well as he has been one of the most celebrated villains of Indian cinema and thus this movie is always attached with my childhood memories.

I came across The Blues Brothers (music and film) in college when one of my best friends introduced them to me. I think I liked it so much that I still sometimes use the term "I'm on a Mission from God" to the bewilderment of the people I say it to.

Jaws - Need I say more?

Now, here is one T-Shirt I would never buy. Why? Because after only recently watching The Shinning, for the very first time, the last thing I need is to open my wardrobe and see something that would bring back those scary scenes in my mind. The fact that a t-shirt can evoke such feelings says a lot about Last Exit to Nowhere and their designs.

Now for the Competition;

To WIN ONE T-SHIRT OF YOUR CHOICE FROM LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE simply comment below and tell me one movie that you would proudly wear an inspired T-Shirt of and why?

Although all entries will be eligible, but if you make them witty, you just might get noticed more.

Competition Ends on December 3, 2011 (23:59 GMT), so make sure you comment before then.

The best news is that the generous people of Last Exit To Nowhere will send the winning T-Shirt anywhere, so this competition is open to the UNIVERSE.

PS: If you are an alien, you can still participate, but you will need an address on Earth and your comment should be posted translated in English.           

Last Exit to Nowhere can also be followed on Twitter via their handle @LASTEXITshirts
All photographs courtesy Last Exit To Nowhere


  1. I would wear a MUMFORD PHYS ED t-shirt, as worn by Eddie Murphy in BEVERLY HILLS COP. It is a quintessential '80s film reference that was never over-marketed (if marketed at all) the way things like the GHOSTBUSTERS logo were.

  2. I personaly have 3 Alien(s) inspired shirts from LETN already :) I have The Hyperdyne Systems, the Wayland Yutani and the Nostromo shirts and wear them with great pride each and every time I go out, there is something about the alien films that make these shirts both cool and timeless and it's cool to play "spot the fan" when they mention it to you as you walk past :)

  3. I would wear the Origami Unicorn. Blade Runner is one of my favourite Sci-Fi films. The great thing about this shirt is it's subtlety...not something everyone will get straight away but when they do it will come with that knowing nod and look of respect for an awesome homage to a great film.

  4. I currently own 3 LETN shirts (2 HIGH FIDELITY and 1 SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION) that I proudly wear whenever and wherever I possibly can.
    1 shirt that doesn't exist, but I would get if it did, would be a SACK O' SUDS shirt based off of the movie MY COUSIN VINNY.

  5. I would wear a goonies one as its mine and my 2 year olds favourite film to watch together

  6. Nice comp Raghav... good luck to all that enter!!

  7. the great escape just love the film

  8. I would definitely wear that JAWS t-shirt with the three yellow barrels. Loved how Spielberg showed so much by showing so little. Wish he would go back to making films like Jaws and Duel.

  9. Big Trouble In Little China.

    Too many reasons to list.

    ps I'd roll the sleeves up on a hot day, to make it look like a vest.

  10. I love this site I recently bought my boyfriend the Groundhog Day t shirt and was supposed to be putting it away till Christmas but got too excited and gave it to him the day it arrived and we also about the There will be blood inspired shirt for a friend for his birthday, they are really well priced.
    I love pretty much all the t shirts on the site and I really like the Overlook hotel one, it's because of that t shirt I found out about the site, I accosted some poor man coming out of a gig and demanded to know where his amazing t shirt was from.
    If I could have any t shirt I'd either have one inspired by the Wedding SInger or I'd love a Crucial Taunt one (just for those who may not know that's Cassandra's band in Wayne's World) I need to stop buying them from other people and get one for myself

  11. Chris Mason @grumpyduckukNovember 29, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    I'd like a t-shirt with 'Top Gun, Fighter Pilot Training School, Miramar' on it, the seminal '80s movie was one of my favourites I must have watched it 10 times on screen when it was released and countless times on VHS, Laserdisc, DVD and now Bluray, I've been a big fan of Tom Cruise ever since and I (sadly) even bought a flight jacket complete with patches to wear on my motorcycle in a vain attempt to attract my own Charlie..!!

  12. I'd like to see a t-shirt referencing "No Country for Old Men", with "The Desert Sands Motor Hotel" logo printed on it, as this is where some real action goes down in the film.
    Sorry, it's not witty, but I think it's in keeping with the generally subtle homages that LETN are into. Also, the film is a modern Cohen Brothers classic!

  13. Charmaine @charmaineblatchNovember 30, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    I would love them to do a Natural Born Killers t-shirt. Would definately wear it with pride. Recently bought the new Its a Wonderful Life tee for my mates xmas pressie, which she will love.

  14. Sometimes I'm witty by accident but never when asked...darn it! :)

    I would proudly wear a t-shirt inspired by the film An American Werewolf In London. I believe Last Exit To Nowhere already do one of the film but this one would focus on the line: "You made me miss", delivered in a broad Yorkshire accent by the actor David Schofield. This would be accompanied by a pic of Griffin Dunne in his zombie, half-dead state alluding to his appearance being off-putting to anyone who views it. One of my favourite films, and the best horror-comedy ever made.

  15. i'd proudly wear a t-shirt inspired by the film Debbie does Dallas as it was the first porn film i ever saw!

  16. from last exit - either the Venkman Stantz Spengler shirt from Ghostbusters or the Summerisle shirt from the Wicker Man

    as for one I would love to see made, Anaconda Malt Liquor, or Roscos Chili and Donuts from Black Dynamite

  17. I would proudly wear an After the Fox t-shirt. Who doesn't love abit of Aldo Vanucci?!? Those of you who have seen the film will be nodding in agreement right now with a smile on your face. Those of you who haven't seen it...SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME!!!!

  18. would love the Scrooge and Marley t-shirt reminds me of my husband lol. He whinges all year about CHristmas and now its December hes even worse. When he works away all i would have to do would be to wear the t-shirt and it would be like wearing him. Scrooge from the 1950's is one of my favourite all time films and have to watch it everytime its on

  19. I'd want one from Serenity. Simply because Mal and Jayne work so well together.

  20. My favourite without a doubt has to be the Fiorina W design from Alien 3.
    I'll make Sigourney Weaver and all the girly movie geeks out there proud... shame I can't get it in a vest to wear to the gym!

    In the words of Ripley,
    "Wanna get me some clothes, or should I just go like this?"

  21. I'm often told by my husband \\i'm a bitch so a Tee shirt with this film title The Bitch would be approriate I guess