20 October, 2011


Chaos is quite an entertaining watch. Featuring Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, and Wesley Snipes, the film is the perfect amalgamation of a bank heist, chase, and con caper. What the director, Tony Giglio, does is intertwine the three genres so well that it becomes hard to distinguish where one stars and the other ends.

Full of action and expected paper thin dialogue, the movie follows Statham's Quentin Conners and Phillipe's Shane Dekker as they try and track down bank robber Lorenz (Wesley Snipes) and his team. I do like that the movie stays on track and does not deviate from its main plot with unnecessary sub-plots and comes together beautifully towards the end. The twists, and there are a few, are both predictable in some cases and surprising in others. A word of advice; refrain from reading about the movie on imdb because if you were to go through the cast list, you are bound to figure out the second biggest twist in the movie.  

On the negative side I was extremely disappointed with the lack of a meaty role that should have been given to Wesley Snipes. His potential is hardly explored as the movie focuses primarily on Statham and Phillippe. Although the production value of the film feels considerable with the action sequences, there is still a certain "IT" factor that the movie lacks.

Chaos proceeds at just the right pace for an action flick. It succeeds in captivating the audience by making them guess the outcome of the story at every stage of the film. A must watch for Statham fans and for those who enjoy a bit of mystery in their stories, Chaos gets a 3.5 out of 5 star rating from me. 


  1. Sounds alright. Don't know if it's worth a rental though, but thanks for reviewing!

  2. Tyler, I think it's worth a rental, so go for it.

  3. My god, I havent seen Wesley Snipes around for a while. Brought back memories of Demolition Man!

    Anyway, love Statham so this will go straight on the rental list.


  4. Mark, I found out later on, but this movie was released in 2005, so it is relatively old. Nevertheless, a good watch and yes perfect for a rental.

  5. I haven't seen Wesley Snipes for a long while. Perhaps that might have something to do with his incarceration. But he was always my go-to guy for a good action film - even the trashier efforts such as Passenger 57 and Drop Zone - were fun. But I can't stand Jason Statham which immediately turns me away from this one.

    Good review though Raghav, I might be able to look past Statham if the film entertains like Snipes used to.

  6. I have seen this a long time ago, remember it being an enjoyable, although forgettable action flick...

  7. Dan, I'd say stay clear of the movie if you are not a Statham fan. Snipes is in the movie but doesn't have a substantial role unfortunately.

    Nostra, I completely agree with you. It's a fun watch, but somewhat forgettable.