23 October, 2011

Bodyguard (Hindi)

The world amazes me sometimes. If we were to talk about one of the highest grossing movies in India, you would expect nothing short of a spectacular film. We Indians love our "masala" films that are full of song, dance, emotion, action, tragedy and what not? Bodyguard has all of that. We love our almost godlike superstar actors and actresses gyrating to catchy item numbers. Bodyguard has that in Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor. We love our over the top action sequences that defy all laws of physics. Bodyguard has that too, although in moderation. But, aside from that, Bodyguard is a snooze-fest.

Quite frankly I am amazed how a movie so boring could be breaking box office records. Is it really all about the star power? Doesn't the quality of the movie have anything to do with its success? Salman Khan recently once again became one of the top grossing stars of Indian cinema with back to back questionable (in my book) hits. It seems his "star power" is so huge that the content of the movie is generally sidelined by the audience when it comes to viewing his movies.

Bodyguard is primarily a love story wrapped around a thin layer of action. Salman Khan, a bodyguard, is asked to protect the daughter or a man who once saved his mother. While on the job, he falls for a girl who keeps calling him on his phone. Unbeknownst to him, it is the very person he is protecting (Kareena Kapoor) who is calling him on the phone, just so that he would cut some slack when it comes to being her bodyguard (as he would go with her everywhere almost invading her privacy). Over time while playing this game, she actually falls in love with him and then there are a bunch of misunderstandings leading to some heavy duty drama.

I am sure you almost slept reading the description of the movie, so imagine my state of mind after actually viewing the film. Yes, the movie is boring. Yes, even from a love story point of view, it fails to entice any emotion in the audience. Yes, you should avoid it even if you are a die hard fan of Salman Khan or Kareena Kapoor. Lastly, if I were to hear that annoying “tain tain” song being played as someone’s ringtone, God save that person.

A yawning 1 out of 5 stars rating.


  1. Just wondering, I don't know if I asked this before but are all or majority of Hindi Films runs at least 2 hours and above?

    PS: The girl above looks like the girl in the 3 Idiots.

  2. Hi, yes majority of our films are 2 hours plus, but there is a whole new breed of filmmakers that are making song and dance free movies that tend to end around the 90-100 minute mark.

    You are right, the actress, Kareena Kapoor, was in 3 idiots.

  3. Wow a 1 star rating is pretty poor huh?

    I am not really up on my Hindi films to be able to judge a good one. But if you say so Raghav, then I believe it!! :-)

    Great write up!