03 September, 2011


Blitz is a somewhat different Jason Statham venture. Firstly, one can make out that he feels comfortable in the surroundings of the film which is based in London. His character, the talk later punch first serious guy, is one he has mastered. He does have some memorable lines which might seem cheesy at first, but in the end are quite fun.

Detective Tom Brant: "A word of advice girls. If you are picking the wrong fight...at least pick the right weapon" (Said to three male thugs who were trying to boost a car with a carpet knife)

As for the story, it's simply a cat and mouse game between the police and a serial killer who is openly killing city cops. The identity of the serial killer is not a secret after the first half hour, so the film relies heavily on the story rather than the mystery aspect for the audience. All the characters act well and a special mention goes to Aidan Gillen for playing the deranged serial killer so convincingly (Don't worry, as I mentioned above the identity of the killer is not hidden from the audience).

What I did find interesting about the entire film was that it resembled a lot in its feel to the TV series Luther. In fact it came quite close to the frightening double episode of the role-playing brothers. Although unlike Luther, Jason Statham's Detective Tom Brant is a lot less composed, but Statham did do justice to his role. Paddy Considine and Zawe Ashton provide excellent support as members of the police force trying to capture the killer.

Lacking the extreme stunts and action that one might expect from a Statham movie, Blitz scores more on the finer aspects of the film, for example story and acting. It's bloody at times, but then the audience will appreciate the realism the film portrays. It's a great watch and I for one would love to see a few sequels. It's a 3.5/5 rating with the extra 0.5 for Aidan Gillen's performance as the killer.   


  1. Aidan Gillen really was amazing in this movie, such a threatening guy! I knew him from his role in The Wire, but he really transformed into something else here!

  2. HI Nostra, Thanks for the comment. I agree he reminded me of villains from indian films who are somewhat larger than life. But besides being that he comes across as extremely spooky which was such a plus point for the movie.

  3. wow, not bad for a statham flick (although i love him)! i need to rent this.

  4. You most certainly do Candice. Thanks :-)