18 September, 2011

Attack The Block

Attack the Block, for me, was simple and unadulterated fun. First and foremost, I would so like to thank the aliens who invade, in the movie, for choosing a country other than USA. I think they have suffered enough cinematic alien invasions and thus for a change moving the action to a community block in London was a great choice.

My likeness for the movie lies in the fact that it doesn't try to be something it's not. It's simply a “chase” film and doesn't hide away from that. Instead, it relies on some snappy dialogue and good performances by the young cast to entertain. I'm sure I missed out on some dialogue due to the strong dialect, but considering it brings authenticity to the film, it's a point I can look over.

Attack the Block is an entertainer. The aliens, although look like gorillas from afar, bring a certain coolness with their fluorescent teeth. The community block and the apartment complex is a character in its own. The direction takes you right into all the action with a fair number of scares. Yes, the story is thin, but then the movie doesn't claim to be intelligent. In fact, the explanation for the alien invasion is so basic that the audience will realize it's not a question on why the aliens invaded but more so what happens next.

Amidst all the running around and killings and aliens, there is also a look at community life from the point of the children. There is a moral to the entire film and that's to realize that "ever action has a reaction". So whether you mug someone (that's how the movie starts) or you kill an alien, there will always be some repercussions to your actions. 

Considering the movie doesn't drag (with a running time of about 90 minutes) and entertains without utilizing too much brain power, I'd happily give it a 3.5/5 star rating.


  1. really interesting review. definitely makes me wanna see this.

  2. You should have a look at it Candice. It's one of those leave your brains at home entertainers. Thanks

  3. It really was a great movie and like you write, it's got a lot of originality in the place it takes place...

  4. Good review Raghav. I saw and reviewed this recently and enjoyed it myself. It offered more than just the usual alien invasion-type movie thrills and as you say it was nice to see it set somewhere other than the USA.

  5. Thank you Dan. I feel it's slightly underrated and it might not stand too well overseas. I mean it wasn't even released in India. So, yeah good watch.