02 August, 2011

#MTOS Number 1: 7th August 2011

Movie Talk On Sunday is an initiative to get the Twitter Film Community together at one time and one day each week to discuss various film related topics. The aim of the whole exercise, besides having fun is to find new individuals who share the same passion for films as you do and also in the process find out about different aspects about movies. You can count on finding about new movies, interesting facts, and who knows even gossip.

How Does It Work :
It really is simple. We will throw out 1 question relating to the weeks topics every 10 minutes starting at 20:00 GMT every Sunday evening. All the questions and subsequent answers/discussions, by you, should simply be followed by #MTOS. In your Twitter "search" you can type in MTOS and follow what everyone is saying and henceforth answer back and take part. If you "like" someone's answer simply Re-Tweet it like you would normally on Twitter. (The travel community has been doing something similar, related to travel, for a while. For a better understanding you can search #TNI and #TTOT in Twitter)

#MTOS is all about you. We will try and make the questions open ended with multiple answers. Let the discussions go off in a tangent if you find someone who agrees/disagrees with what you think. Just remember to #MTOS everything so someone neither one of you follow can also join in.

Important : Please, please, please avoid profanity and behave in a civilised manner.

We do hope that eventually some of you will help us organise MTOS in the future. It's all about the twitter film community and hopefully you can take out some time to join in every week. Right now we will decide on the questions and topics, but I hope if this becomes popular we can ask you to join in with that as well.

We will be blogging each week about the topic and the 10 questions in advance so that you can visit the post and be prepared come Sunday evening.

For our first MTOS we have decided on "New York & Films". Following are the questions that we will be putting forward on Sunday 7th August at 20:00 GMT.

1. Best Film made that is based in New York?
2. Which director captured New York the best?
3. Which film set in New York do you like the most?
4. Which film with "New York" in it's name do you like?
5. Which film with "New York" in it's name do you dislike?
6. Film that embodies the spirit of New York?
7. Ever been to NY? Have you ever spotted a celeb. there?
8. A film set elsewhere you would have liked filmed in NY?
9. landmarks in NY that have been filmed a lot and you would like to visit someday?
10.Do you think NY looks good on film in the night or during the day, with examples if possible?

If you find the questions to be a bit vague or childish, then you know why we need your help more than ever in the future :-)

I am sure a lot of people will find that the time does not work for them. Unfortunately, till we have more people helping us out we will cannot do this twice a day so that everyone can join in. Hopefully in the future we can do it twice on Sundays.

Time Zone Calculator: To make it easy we have calculated the corresponding time zones for you;

20:00 GMT
16:00 EDT
12:00 PDT
15:00 EST
00:30 IST

I would however request to to check and make sure the above are correct.

Any questions or suggestions please comment below. Please RT this post and also please make it to the talk.



  1. Great idea, I will try to make myself available on Sundays from now on!

    Looking forward to it.

  2. Hi Mark, I'm counting on you to join us and maybe help a bit in the future. :-) Thanks

  3. Great initiative! Unfortunately I can't join you actively on Sunday but I'll keep my eyes on the hashtag!

  4. Hi Joel, It's a shame that you cannot join. Is itonly this Sunday or in general every Sunday? Right now we don't have enough people to help, but once we do we can always have it at two different times during the day. Hope to see you around. Also you can visit for a little while in case you get a break. Thanks

  5. This sounded fun, I'm sad that I missed it. I hope that you do it again soon! Maybe by then I won't be waiting to have my baby and can actually participate. ha.

  6. Hi Brittani. First of all congratulations on the soon to be born baby. Wishing you and the baby the best of health. Don't worry about #MTOS. If people participate we plan to have it every Sunday at 20:00 GMT. It wasn't a one week thing. The first one went well, so the next one has already been planned. Thanks and Best Wishes.