22 June, 2011


I’ve just returned from watching Asif Kapadia’s documentary Senna and i’m speechless. Based on the life of Brazilian Formula One race driver Ayrton Senna, the documentary is by far one of the most compelling pieces of cinema I have ever watched. The more I think about it the more difficult it is for me to do a review.

Senna is such a rollercoaster of emotions that after ages did I find tears in my eyes while watching a film. Senna might be a documentary but it is no less than a feature. It has all the elements that engulfs the audience in it and takes them on ride that will surely leave a profound impact on them.

My knowledge of Ayrton Senna was limited till today. I had known about him being a F1 race car driver and that he had had an untimely death at the peak of his career at the age of 34. I am not even a F1 fan. But, anyone who was to not watch the documentary thinking it is about a sports or a sportsman will be grossly mistaken. The movie is simply about life. It’s about a son, an honest individual, a competitor, and most importantly about passion. The movie is also about politics, sports, joy, depression, being religious, speed, death, obsession, courage, and love. Love for the country, for your parents, and for your dreams.

I might sound obscure, but that is exactly what Senna has left me in a state of. I’m confused about how a film can have such strong an impact on me and stir up so many emotions. I have no qualms in stating that it has become my favorite film of all time for now. I might not run out and watch it again right now simply because I don’t want to go on this emotional journey again just yet, but as I tweeted on my return from the theater “if there is one piece of cinema you watch before you die, make sure you make it Asif Kapadia’s phenomenal docu. SENNA. Speechless!!”


  1. It was a very well made documentary. I used to be a big fan of Formula One and watched all the races around the time that Senna was racing. He was my favorite. As I was a lot younger I didn't know a lot about his rivalry, which made this even more interesting to watch. It's not my favorite movie of all time, but can imagine people falling in love with it.

  2. THE BEST FILM OF THE YEAR! A rollercoaster of emotions, as you say. An unforgettable experience and essential viewing for everyone...

  3. Thank you for the comments. What I found interesting was that it gripped me even though I don't follow the sports.