03 June, 2011

First thing... Star Wars

Eureka! Well not exactly. Had an idea of a blog post that I can probably do on a recurring basis. It’s simple really. I put forth something related to cinema (name of a movie/actor/director or a genre) to a select few of my twitter followers (they will be different in every post) and ask them to tell me the first thing that comes to their mind. I further ask them to limit their answer to just one sentence maximum. I will post their answers along with their twitter handles and I recommend that you follow them if you are on twitter.

I will also be doing the same with the twitter travel enthusiasts on my travel blog, but will obviously throw out a travel related topic. So keep a look out for that as well.

Today’s Question:

The first thing that comes to your mind when I say “Star Wars”

@snobbyfilmguy - I used to love them but now I'm tired of them.

@everyfilmin2011 - The man from the Green Cross Code with a big black plastic mask on.

@ronniebgoodwin - storm trooper bumping his head in the low doorway, ha...

@SuperDuper_Chic - Geeky, yet epic Sci-fi film series that shouldn't have had any prequels.

@Love_cinema - Outer space.

@askimrach - Revolutionary, awesome

@mothpete - 1. Soundtrack... but that might be because the kids are playing Star Wars Lego in the next room. 2. Luke looking up at the two suns – simple  (Okay since we are just starting 2 sentences were allowed in this case J

@shingla - blank face :-|

@Myfilmviews - A very rich George Lucas and a lot of fans that are still willing to buy any merchandise related to the movies.

@reviwer - Darth Vader


  1. Brilliant idea for a post man. Sorry my sentence was so lame compared to everyone else's, but that really is the first thing that comes to my mind. As you probably know I am the biggest Star Wars fan and could have given you many a line but, the dark man himself is the icon of Star Wars.

  2. I agree, and don't worry about the answer. You will have many more chances in the future. I do agree... Darth is also probably the first person that comes to mind along with Yoda and Jedi and Luke and... :-)

  3. Great idea really. The answers differ so much and it makes the post even more interesting.

  4. Thanks Lesya. Trying to be a bit different and it's a good way to integrate twitter with my posts.

  5. Interesting idea and very nice to read! Love to do this for other questions you are going to ask :)

  6. @myfilmviews - Would be asking again you again for sure. Thank you for the comment