20 June, 2011

The Day The Earth Stood Still, and I almost died of boredom

So, like yesterday I caught this Keanu Reeves movie called The Day The Earth Stood Still. So like it had this Jennifer Connely in it too and like she’s hot, but not in like this film but others that she did before. So anyhoo the movie was like so boring. I mean like I even took some Zs in-between the movie.

Okay, Okay, so what happens is like this alien dude come to Earth in like a big shiny weird ball and then just runs around trying to like decide if he should destroy Earth. I mean who does he think he is? Anyhoo we all know the ending, it’s like so stupid. I’m here alive so obviously he doesn’t blow the earth up, I think, unless I’m in heaven ‘cause that would be like so cool.  So yeah his name is like Faltu, no Klaatu or something and he has this tin robot with him who is like that other dude with red laser eyes from X-Men only bigger and like made of like iron insects (Yulk! I know) and he is like called FART no wait GORT.

So anyhoo… like Klaatu runs around with the son of that Men in Black guy and Hot Spot Jennifer Connely and then after some like cheesy, oooo cheese sticks Yum!

Sorry, so after some cheesy graphics does what he has to do and like it all ends. So like yeah it’s like the most boring movie ever that like I will try and sell as a cure for insomnia and become like really rich. Ooooo looksy there’s this ONE STAR in the sky, is it like them again?  


  1. Ha ha, interesting take on a review. I have to admit I am glad your normal reviews arn't like this, but nice to see another novel way to approach a film review.

    In terms of the film, I have this on recorded to watch soon. My expectations are now set - low! :-)

  2. @Mark - Thanks and as mentioned it's just something for fun. Also I would definitly make sure of the recording space and delete the movie... no watch it, who knows you might like it.

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