10 March, 2011

Tees Maar Khan? More like Tees Thapad Kha!

Right then! You know Tees Maar Khan (TMK) is a stupid movie the moment is begins. But what you don't expect is that the movie is more than that. It's as if stupid was tied to a chair and lobotomized to make sure that no sign of intelligence is left.

Let's take a few example;
We start the movie with a baby being able to view TV from inside her mothers womb and learn the art of conning and martial arts and what not.

The introduction to the title character in which he escapes from a couple of nincompoop police officers is so over the top that the people involved in the scene must have been high on something. Oh! and one look at the set, inside of a plane, clearly suggests that no one from the film unit had ever laid eyes on a plane, let alone go inside it.

Now, the story has loads of potential. It's basically a heist film of sorts wherein the protagonist enlists an entire village to rob a train at the pretext of shooting a movie. Since the villagers are unaware of the situation and go about the robbery thinking it is just a part of the movie, there was ample opportunity for good comedy. Unfortunately the movie lacked everything. The acting was below par. None of the performances stood out. The song "Sheila is Jawani" is probably the only point of interest in the entire movie.

Akshay Kumar once again is seen in a comic role that is over the top, loud, and nonsensical. Katrina Kaif is simply eye candy and underused. Akshay Kumar who apparently received a lot of praise for playing an Oscar hungry Indian film actor seemed like he was acting in a school play. As for Rajiv and Raghu who decided this to be their debut into Indian Film Industry, what in the world were you thinking? In fact, the entire film was as if a bunch of talentless school kids were given a whole lot of money and told to do whatever they fancied. As for the director, Farah Khan, can we please simply say overrated. But then, I honestly have not liked any of her movies since she debuted with "Main Hoo Naa".

Complete and utter waste of time and money. I am going to give 1 star out of 5 to this movie and that too for "Shiela Ki Jawani".