10 March, 2011

Prince of Persia - Sands of Time

Prince of Persia - Sands of Time

The initial problem with the movie is that with a name so grand, the audience expects something completely extraordinary. Now, first of all I'm glad I watched the movie in glorious 2D. It would have been been an atrocity if I ended up paying that extra bit for 3D glasses and what not.

Prince of Persia, just like the previous movie I reviewed, had loads of potential. A great dessert setting. An already present fan base from the video game it is based on. Some of the hottest stars in Hollywood (Jake Gyllenhaal & Gemma Arterton). Huge sets, and amazing costumes.

So what exactly did go wrong? Well...Pretty much everything. Except for a few scenes, the action is very CGI-esq and doesn't feel real at all. I don't expect much acting in action movies and barring Ben Kingsley (as the Nizam) and Alfred Molina (providing comic relief with his role of Sheik Amar) no one really acts. The story, a simple tale of good versus evil with a little bit of time travel magic thrown in is rather ordinary. There is the time and memorial fights between brothers that maybe are not too common in International cinema, but in Indian cinema (and to an extent in Indian everyday life) is all too common.

Considering the amount of money that must have been spent on this movie and the talent that was available, it really is a big pile of human waste. Extremely, extremely disappointing and if I wasn't in a foreign land, desperate for some entertainment, I would never have sat through the entire film.

A poor 2/5 stars that are due to the presence of Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, and that the movie might, just might entertain kids a little bit.


Location:Gurgaon, India


  1. I thought it was average and not too bad. By the way, I was also lucky to see it in glorious 2D :)

  2. Yes, I feel 3D would have been too much. I just feel with the budget and the cast a lot was expected and next to nothing delivered.