03 February, 2011

A Review on Reviews

The other day I met a friend of mine who had returned home from the US on holidays. We normally talk about movies and I being the shameless promoter that I am, of my blog, reminded him that he should make it a point to read it as often as possible. What he said lingered in my mind for a bit (okay about 2 weeks or so). He said that my reviews were very "cut and dry" and they needed more "humor". This got me thinking as to what really makes a good review? Yes! we all love humor in our lives and it makes anything, let alone a movie review, more readable and enjoyable. But then, do all movies need a humorous review? "Schindler's List" is such an important movie that I would never make any joke whatsoever about anything related to it. On the other hand a movie like say "The Hangover" is already a comedy and a comical review which would comment of the jokes in the movie just might make the movie experience redundant for the reader.

This subject also brings about a discussion as to what is really humorous? We all have different tastes when it comes to comedy. I mean the world is divided between those who like "American Pie" and those who don't. So my subtle jokes might not be to one's liking or even due to cultural differences might not be understood by many. I usually make it a point not to joke about anything or anyone too harshly, because you never know who might be reading your review and how they might take it. I don't hold back on anything, just feel that one has to be careful and respectful of everyone.

So what really does make a good review? I personally feel that just like a movie is interpreted by everyone in a different way, so is a review. Also a reviewer has different ideas that makes his/her review unique. I know a lot of bloggers like to write about the story of the movie in their reviews. I avoid that as much as possible giving just a general idea, because I feel my readers should experience the story on their own. Then again, I have read reviews which talked about the story and they made me decide whether or not to watch a movie, which when it comes down to it is part of the purpose of any review in the first place.

So to all the fellow reviewers/bloggers carry on with your style. It is unique and different and for every one person that might not like or disagree with your review, there are certainly a couple who do.


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  1. I absolutely agree with that!
    If people don't like my style, it is okay. Anyway, it's not possible to please absolutely averyone. Besides, we don't have to please anyone. It's our writings, it's our imagination, it's our view on life or films or music or whatever a blogger writes about, and we should present opinions in the form we would like to, because it'll be our own authentic thoughts. Besides, if talking about humor, what if I can't joke in my reviews? It won't prevent me from writing them :)

  2. Yes. I also told him that he can't expect everything he reads to be funny. I mean if I was writing a comic blog, then yeah maybe. Anyhow, I think people have certain mindsets. But I realised that first I write for myself then for others. Not saying I appreciate my readers and their comments, which I do ;-)