08 February, 2011

Twitter and Us, Film Buffs! - Guest Post by Lesya

I've been on twitter actively for a few months now and have been totally blown away by the amazing array of people I get to interact with everyday. One of such early twitter friends was Lesya who shares an equal (or maybe more) passion for cinema with me. So the other day I asked her to write a guest blog about "What she thought of the ever growing movie community on twitter?". What you read below is an excellent piece on how twitter has been responsible in bringing people of same interests together irrespective of cast, creed, location, and opinions. I would also like to specially thank Lesya for taking out time from writing her wonderful blog and her life to write this for my blog.


Twitter and Us, Film Buffs

Being a movie lover is a great thing, but this fortune can turn into a misfortune, if you have no one by you to share your opinion with, to debate classic and present film trends or simply to talk over your likes and dislikes. Most likely, you can't say that the fact — that the vast majority of people around you don't know who your favorite directors, actors, screenwriters etc. are — is abnormal, but sometimes this ignorance or maybe indifference turns into an impenetrable wall of miscommunication.

All of us have friends and families, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will fully understand our overwhelming interest in films, and if they do, where is the guarantee that we can get the full-fledged film-related talk from them. Usually, going to the movies, you may hear a hair-raising comment like "Who is Meryl Streep?" or simply common chatter whether a film was terrific or not. I can't say it is satisfying for me, as a cinephile.

Nevertheless, it is time for Twitter to appear on the stage. I wound up using this particular social network by pure accident and before I started my film blog and developed my passion to motion picture art. As a consequence, I'm more than grateful that this site exists. So, for all film lovers/reviewers/bloggers, why to use Twitter? First of all, if you seek well, you will find there a huge bunch of versatile-minded personalities who share the same tweeting habit — they tweet about movies. Moreover, it's not just mindless twitter (erm, tautology?), but a wilderness of excellent ideas and even whole interpretations in just less than 140 characters. If in mood to film chat a bit, that is a perfect place. I remember myself being simultaneously engaged in several talks with excellent conversationalists, who either agree with your opinions or intelligently reject them, providing you with theories of their own, but in any case, I must admit from my own experience that such Twitter discussions are very informative and captivating. Secondly, it's information. Using Twitter (almost) every day, I find out about different events that make the silver screen breathe. Besides, out there, in the Internet, there are so many people who are eager to share their knowledge and POVs that you will be amazed by the number of site and blog links of reviews, articles, news pieces, and polls, that literally long for your opinions.

For me, Twitter is the space where I can express all my craziness about films. And to get an appropriate response. Furthermore, the people I follow not only know who Meryl Streep is but they are aware of existence of the nameless-for-many people off screen. Twitter is a great place for communication and sharing the ideas. If you would like to connect with me there, feel free to follow @love_cinema.

Thank you for reading. What do you think of Twitter for film buffs?

"Lesya Khyzhnyak is from Kyiv, Ukraine, and is studying at a linguistic university. Her love for cinema has not only made her famous in the Twitterverse, but her blog Eternity of Dream (http://eternityofdream.blogspot.com) demands multiple viewings."


  1. ahhh this post made me feel all warm and fuzzy! very good piece! thanks!

  2. Thanks Candice for the comment. I am glad the post can save you a cup of hot chocolate by making you feel "warm and fuzzy" :-)

  3. That sounds very familiair. I don't have that many people around me that watch as many movies as I do and talking about them happens even less, so Twitter is indeed a great way to vent and get into great discussions. It really is a must!

  4. Hello. Yes, I too feel Lesya was able to hit the nail on the head. Also what I love about twitter is interacting with people from around the world.