26 February, 2011

Break Ke Baad (Hindi)

Okay! I don't understand this, so help me a little will you ...

Why is it that in order to make a character look "cool" and "hip" I presume, she has to call her mother by her name?

Also if Aaliya (Deepika Padukone), our leading lady, is a smoker, then why is she unaware of the fact that you cut/bite off the tip of a cigar before you puff it?

How is it that our hero is able to fly to Australia at a days notice (ever heard of standing in line for a visa?), but then at the spur of the moment decides to stay in Australia, and then also work multiple jobs (Manual labor, Taxi Cab Driver, Roadside Food Stall). I mean seriously didn't he get one of those stamps on his imaginary visa where it says he cannot work or even the maximum duration of his stay (as he ends up staying for more than a year).

Why is it also that when our leading lady gets a job as an actress, signs a contract, she is able to simply walk out of it, then come back and get it again a few weeks later, and then towards the end (of this movie, not the one she is making) leave filming and head back to India?

It is obvious that for our leads all that matters is the ups and downs of their relationship, and everything else can pretty much be skipped. The movie is all about life between two childhood friends and lovers and what happens once they decide to take a "break" from each other. The first half is all about getting to the point of the Break! So in a way (I'm sure it was planned) Break Ke Baad happens After the Break (Interval). Unfortunately, there is nothing to the story. The cracks in the relationship arise over mundane and shallow reasons and at times you feel like giving both the characters a slap and telling them to grow up. Most of the supporting characters (Sharmila Tagore, Shahana Goswami, Navin Nischol, Yudhishter Urs) as always remain undeveloped and pretty much come and go just to provide humour or pass on their philosophy of life which to be honest has been done to death in a number of films. The only supporting character that stands out is Pammi played by the much underrated Lillete Dubey. We have Imran Khan, playing Abhay, who is stuck in a dead end job running his fathers cinema. Raise your hands if you have seen other coming of age movies where the hero doesn't know what he wants from his life and is stuck in a unsatisfying job. Here in place of the parents we have a girlfriend who eventually (because of the break-up) makes him realize his talent in guess what? ... Cooking! (I love it when the story tries to act original).

Imran Khan has reached a point in his career where he needs some solid character driven movies as he no longer can ride on the success of his debut. As for Deepika Padukone, I am yet to understand the film industries infatuation with her being the next "IT" girl. Her role/character in the movie is very similar to the one in Love Aaj Kal or Bachna Ae Haseeno.

I'm going to stop now and abruptly end this review by rating the movie a 2/5. Why so abrupt?... Because no story, no characters, no dialogue, nice music makes a movie that is Baad (pun intended) before and after the Break.

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