29 January, 2011

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - You're Fired

There is so much wrong with this movie and so little that is right. For starters it's a good concept. Aimed at the younger audience it has loads of magic and special effects to wow their puny little brains. If done right, it could have been a great franchise too. The good points about the movie end right here. What's wrong then? Well everything else. For starters sorcerers have a larger than life feel about them, but both Nicolas Cage and Alfred Molina do not do justice to their characters. Monica Bellucci walks through her short underused role thinking what made her sign up for this movie in the first place. Her role is so badly written that an unknown actress could have played it in place of her, saving the makers a lot of money I presume. Unfortunately, the main character in Jay Baruchel is a total miscast. I don't want to be really mean, but it is probably the biggest casting mistake I have come across in recent times. There is a lot of young talent in Hollywood and I'm sure someone else (read pretty much anyone else) would have done a much better job.

I think Disney with Nicolas Cage thought they had another National Treasure (which I personally loved) on their hands. Unfortunately they end up with a below par fantasy flick that boasts a lot and delivers little. A disappointing 2/5. It would have received 1/5 but the special effects were good, not spectacular, but good nevertheless.

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