05 January, 2011


Juno is a charming, mainly due to Ellen Page, movie that deals with teen pregnancy in a somewhat light comic manner. Ellen Page gives an outstanding performance as a 16-year-old who discovers she is pregnant and is pretty cool about the entire situation. Unable to make herself go ahead with abortion she decides to give the baby for adoption which side tracks the movie with the arrival of the adopting parents played by Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman. 

Juno shines mainly because of Diablo Cody's writing. The cast including Michael Cera as Juno's confused on-off orange Tic-Tac loving boyfriend (also the father of the child) is outstanding. The dialogue ranges from pleasantly witty to outright laugh-out-loud. There are emotions-a-plenty, but the entire situation and story never feels over dramatic or nauseating. In fact it so lacks the seriousness and drama that one would associate with such a movie that at times it borders on being unbelievable. For example, the nonchalant attitude Juno's parent have on finding out she is pregnant is quite surprisingly calm and something you would not expect from the "coolest" of parents. 

All in all a feel good movie that is light to watch and doesn't preach, but instead emphasise on the power of choice. So choose wisely and watch this one. A 4/5 rating. Oh! And excellent music throughout that does justice to the movie.

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