08 January, 2011

Get Him To A Writer first... Then to the Greek!

An average presentation from the house of Judd Apatow. The movie is supposed to be a sort of road movie with a music label's representative Aaron Green (played by Jonah Hill) given the job of bringing a has been music rockstar, Aldous Snow, to a live gig that will reprise his career. What follows is ... Well nothing much really. Russell does his Brand of comedy doing a satire of sorts when he plays the semi-washed up rockstar (aka the HIM of the title).

The only thing fun were the cameos by stars-a-plenty. Pink, Lars Ulrich, Billy Bush, Christina Aguilera, Tom Felton, Pharrell Williams to name a few. If cameos made movies, the makers would have been laughing all the way to the bank. Unfortunately, they did little to help this film. Maybe, just maybe made is bearable. Also it's probably the movie with the most curse words ever used. Pretty much every sentence spoken has the F-word. Get Him To The Greek does take inspiration from a number of past successful movies. There was a feel of hangover in it with hotel room parties and loads of drugs and alcohol. Some Zoolander thrown in with an awkward threesome proposition.

In fact P-Diddy's role as a music label owner, though good, was reminiscent of Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder (Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder was Legendary... Sorry, but I like to use only two things from How I Met Your Mother... "legen, wait for it, dray" and "Suit Up!"... so yeah they get the credit for me using those two thing whenever).

I do have a liking for Judd Apatow's style of comedy, but unfortunately this one falls flat in my book. So a disappointing 2/5 for Get Him To A Writer.... Sorry The Greek I mean :-)


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