06 January, 2011

Edge of Darkness? ... This one can do with some light!

I have to confess, I should not be allowed to write the review on this movie since I never finished watching it, but then, that's the best thing about having your own blog. So the reason why I could not finish the movie? There was simply nothing there that was entertaining. We have Mel Gibson's character trying to figure out who shot his daughter at his front porch. Being a cop, initially everyone thinks the shot was meant for him, but as he digs deeper he finds a conspiracy theory wherein the shot was maybe actually meant for his daughter in the first place. The sad part is that this so called twist was apparent from the trailer of the movie, so nothing new there. After this, it was just a simple story of solving the so called mystery, which got boring and I decided to stop watching.

Mel Gibson trying to look all serious, walks through the role almost as a zombie and after a bit it just seemed intolerable. Yes his daughter has been gunned down, so the excuse for acting/looking like is zombie can be valid, but some sort of expressions or some emotion would have made more sense. Edge of Darkness is one of those movies that has a big star, trying to make a comeback, but offers nothing new. I would prefer something like Taken over Edge of Darkness. It too had a Dad looking for his daughter who might or might not be dead, but Liam Neeson made the movie his own. Someday maybe I will be bored enough to finish the movie, but till then I feel compelled to give it a disappointing 2/5 rating. Bring back another Lethal Weapon I say.


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