31 December, 2010

Two and Four is 24

So it took me close to 7 years before I truly discovered 24 (I had heard of the show, but never really followed it). I have to say that what got me interested initially was the fact that they had casted Anil Kapoor (a well known Indian film actor, and an international one after Slumdog Millionaire) in their latest season. I did manage to watch a few episodes of the latest season (and unfortunately the last), season 8, and it was enough to make me want to check out the series from the start.

So, it has been approximately two months since I discovered this series and in those two months I have managed to watch almost 6 seasons. So technically in the past 60 days, 6 have been spent by me in the company of the officials of CTU - LA. Finally I have reached a point where I am going to stop, with 2 seasons still left. The only reason for that is that I am travelling and don't have them with me.

Nevertheless, here are a few things that interest me about this one of a kind show;

We all know about the real time events that take place and I think that was a brilliant idea to start with. How the writers manage to cram 24 hours with one event after another is just outstanding.

Except for a select few characters, like Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, everyone else is dispensable. The best part of the show is the fact that almost anyone can die at any time without a hint that his or her end is near. In fact just when you think they are done with killing enough of the primary characters for the season, they just go ahead and kill another one ... Oh! and then another one!

The storyline and back references to past seasons is always interesting. The fact that good guys turn bad (and girls too, you'll be surprised with the amount of good girls gone bad in this series) within seconds and ulterior motives emerge with every episode is what keeps everything and everyone on the edge.

Now a few observations that might help you incase you ever were part of the 24 team;

If you ever get the job to be Jack's backup on a mission, it is guaranteed that you are going to end up dead.

I've heard Jack say "you have my word" quite a few times. Unfortunately it hardly ever convinces anyone to do anything for him. Must be really bad for his ego!

The over the top scenarios are fun, when taken lightly. I mean landing a plane on the freeway in season 5 seemed doable ... Almost!!

Did anyone notice that Kim's boyfriends in season 2 and 3 ended up being amputated? I mean I’m sure that is not something she plans on telling her future boyfriends.

So I'm glad that I finally discovered this gem of a series. I'm also glad that I discovered it at a time when I don't have to wait every week for a new episode. As the series comes to an end on TV, there are talks of a movie. So they plan to do 24 hours in 2 hours... That could mean only one thing... That they are finally going to do it Jack's way!

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