31 December, 2010

A Short Note on Trailers/Previews

Something has been disturbing me lately with regards to previews/trailers that have been coming out over the last few years. I'm not trying to boast or anything, but more and more trailers, rather than wetting our appetite for the movie, pretty much tell us the whole movie in a minute or two. Seriously, leaving aside popular book based movies (where most of the people already know the story) think about how many trailers you watched recently and were able to conclude correctly the twist in the story or how it would pan out. Also, let's not forget that previews nowadays tend to have the best comic/action moments of the movie, which leaves the audience rather disappointed when they see the actual film and find nothing new. Trailers should be there to intrigue you about the movie, to make you want to know more. Instead they have become advertisements wherein the best is shown just so to get the hard earning public into the theatre at least once. As a result of this, lately I've started skipping previews. There was a time I would reach the movie theatre half hour before the start of the movie so as not to miss the trailers. Now I care less unless it's a preview of a much anticipated movie that is being screened. Better yet, now at times I watch a preview and save money by skipping the movie altogether, but then that's the whole point of a trailer... Isn't it?

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