31 December, 2010

The One Word Movie/TV Series Review (which is more than a few words in some cases)

Invictus - Semi-Inspirational                  3.5/5

Shutter Island - Brilliant                          4/5

Event Horizon - Scari-Fi                      3.5/5
(Scari-Fi? - That's a Scary Sci-Fi for ya :-)

Dexter Season 4 - Outstanding          5/5

Knight and Day - Ridiculous              1/5

Next Friday - Disgustingly Fun! 3/5

 The Good, The Bad, The Weird - Korean 4/5
(Okay first of all anything in parenthesis is not counted. Yes, yes I know you think I'm just making this up as I go, but simply my blog post, my rules. Secondly, as for this stylized, funny, must watch movie, lately I've realized that Korean film are pretty damn good and hence just saying it is Korean is a good enough indication of a movie being good.)

Entourage Season 7 - Depressing        3/5

The Hurt Locker - Intense                         4/5

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World - Wicked!     4/5

Knight and Day (Redux)

 Okay I tried to keep it to one word, but this was eating me
 up inside. I just had to write about this one. First of all who in the world had the bright idea of casting the star and producer of the Mission Impossible franchise in a somewhat similar movie? Seriously this person should re-think about being in the business. Now as for the movie, you have two of Hollywoods biggest stars and for most parts of the movie they are asleep. No-no I'm not talking about their acting, they really are drugged and asleep for the most part. The chemistry is missing, the action fake, and the story absurd. There I feel much better now. Oh and I'm being really generous by giving it a1 star.  

I am glad I was able to watch some really fun and well made movies since the last post. I have to admit that doing the One Word Movie Review was pretty unsatisfying. Usually there is a bit more I would like to say, so it just might be the last time I try this ... well unless I'm feeling really lazy ;-)

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