31 December, 2010

The One Sentence Movie Review

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Although, it does stay true to the books it is not quite as fun as say Home Alone and would have been better as a sitcom on TV. Rating : 3/5

Street Kings - Tries too hard to be the next Training Day, but falls flat with what is supposed to be the big twist evident in the first 10 minutes, making the whole film redundant. Rating : 2/5

Iron Man 2 - Disappointing follow-up, the whole movie seemed forced and too weak even for a no-brainer action flick. Rating : 3/5

Hard Candy - A brilliant and slightly disturbing psychological thriller with great performances and outstanding dialogue and script. Rating : 5/5

Alien Vs Predator - Clich├ęd to the core, yet surprisingly a fun watch in a time-pass no brainer kind of way.
Rating : 3/5

Dead Man's Curve - One of those lesser known and highly underrated films, it has Mathew Lillard's (Scream) giving probably his best performance till date. Rating : 4/5

The A-Team - I had the most fun in ages watching this movie when it comes to Over-the-Top no-brainer action comedies. Rating : 4/5

The Expendables - Even though I grew up watching most of the stars of this movie, it was a complete disappointment leaving aside parts of certain action sequences. Rating : 2.5/5

Leaves of Grass - A little gem of an indie-esq movie, it stands out for Edward Norton's brilliant double-role performance. Rating : 3.5/5

Frozen - Another Claustrorror (yes I coined the term and it's when a movie is a claustrophobic horror/thriller like Open Water, Exam, Buried...) that succeeds in making me never go skiing. Rating : 4/5

The Karate Kid - Should have technically been the Kung Fu Kid, but nevertheless better than what I expected although a bit kiddish, my my loyalty remains with the original. Rating : 3/5

Alien Vs Predator Requiem - The first one was fun, this is the exact opposite. Rating : 1/5



  1. Haha ! Enjoyed this one. Maybe you should do a series on one sentence reviews periodically.

    1. Thanks... thinking about it as I type. I have an idea i'm working on