31 December, 2010

The "Do You Like?" Movie Review

Cop Out - Are you a child of the 80's? Do you like the Kevin Smith brand of comedy? Do you have an evening free with nothing much to do? Are buddy cop movies your cup of tea? ... Yes? Well then there is nothing else to say except go watch this movie.

No, seriously... Go on... I really have nothing else to say. Rating 4/5
Trivia: The movie was originally called A Couple of Dicks but the name was not approved in the end.

Exam - are British films something you like? Do you prefer the claustrophobic movie shot in one room (Example - Saw)? Are you interested in character driven movies rather than over the top big budget movies with special effects galore? And lastly, if you like a nice whodunit or rather WhatTheHellIsUp? (in a good way) then go watch this movie.

Fact: Unlike Saw this is not a horror and thus no gore etc. Rating 3/5.

The Losers - Do you like mindless action movies where the plot is as simple as saying 1, 2, 3? Do you like a lot of slow motion action and walking scenes? Does watching the hero not move an inch when a plane just blew up a few feet away from him excite you? Do you enjoy the fact that the geeky guy in the team is also the comic relief and that at some point he is bound to break into an office by imitating a delivery guy to steal some information from a computer? Do you think it is cool to have the main villain be a little eccentric and well in this movie try a bit too hard to look cool by doing so? Basically do you enjoy a movie that has all the possible clichés ever including a twist in the end that can be seen coming from a mile? Yes?? You are no longer my friend then. Ciao. Rating 2.5/5.

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