31 December, 2010

Up in the Air - Confessions of a Frequent Flyer

Up in the Air, the now Oscar nominated movie, runs more like Confessions of a Frequent Flyer. The plot is simple, the acting solid, and the direction is well above average.

Now, is it just me (and it usually is) or Up in the Air also seems like a rehash of last years brilliant Rachel Getting Married.

Let’s see…
Both the main characters’ relationships start somewhat similarly (strangers meeting and getting to know each other rather well quickly) and unfortunately both relationships have bitter ends.
Both the characters seem to have a similar sort of relationship with their family members and feel alienated around them, trying hard during the course of a wedding (in both movies) to try and accommodate.
Both the movies end similarly with the characters heading back to the lives they had at the start of the film.
In fact, even small events like Anne Hathaway’s desire to be the Maid of Honor and George Clooney’s wish to give his sister away seem similar, but obviously they are dealt in completely different ways.

In a nutshell, Up in the Air is a more toned down version of Rachel Getting Married with some excellent performances by the entire cast. It runs like a Tom Hanks rom-com only much better and with some deep and complex relationship issues tackled with light heartedness and humor. The “chemistry” between George Clooney and Vera Farmiga is just outstanding, especially when you realize at a later stage where Vera’s character is coming from (I’m trying to avoid spoilers in case some of you have not seen the movie, thus being so vague).

Does this movie deserve to be in the Best Film Oscar nomination? Personally, I think it just squeezed in since there are 10 contenders this year, but I have my doubts about it winning. George Clooney is definitely a strong contender for the Best Actor category.

So should you go and watch it? Definitely!
It deserves a solid 3.5/5 stars.

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